Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fireplace Jewelry

On another fall subject... the fireplace. It's almost time to start building those fires (or turning on the gas logs). Loyal reader Perry suggested that I write a post on andirons, which I thought was a great idea. We've talked a lot about decorative details such as lamp finials, picture frames, and hardware, so why not discuss andirons (or chenets or firedogs as the French and British call them)?

Many people have the traditional brass ball andirons, which are perfectly lovely. And I'm sure you've come across those cast iron owl andirons with the glass eyes that "glow"- available at just about every flea market in the country. However, there are so many other clever designs on the market that perhaps you may want to consider upgrading your andirons with ones that truly reflect the spirit of your room. Here are a few that caught my eye...

Hammered brass andirons, c. 1950, from Historical Materialism

These nickel and copper andirons are quintessential mid-century modern.

Rococo Revival brass andirons, French c. 1890, from Epoca

Glass spherical andirons from Wilshire Fireplace Shops

Louis XV style chenets, c. late 19thc., from Westland London

Image at top: Glam crystal andirons in the home of Delphine and Reed Krakoff; I believe these andirons were custom designed by Delphine.


  1. Fireplace jewelry--how perfect. I have never seen anything quite like the glass andirions. They are seriously cool.

  2. Great post! One of those accessories that is often forgotten about! So many beautiful styles!!

  3. The Louis xv style chenets are gorgeous!

  4. Oh, I love them all! Great post Jennifer. That first image has always been a fav of mine.


  5. Beautiful! The glass ones are awesome.

  6. Anonymous1:13 PM

    It's a shame to have only one fireplace, because it would be a lot of fun to collect a bunch of these (any way to display besides in a fireplace, I wonder?)

    Great post! ; )


  7. I don't think I've ever given these accessories that much thought before, great post! They're all fabulous!

  8. Anonymous9:20 AM

    I enjoyed this post very much. I'm redoing my fireplace (a new mantle actually ...long story) so this post hit home. Thanks.

  9. Hi - welcome back! How was it????? the sad part about Houston is our fireplaces are so rarely fired up - a lot of people don't even put them in their houses. Nothing is quite as romantic as a roaring fire though. We just don't get enough of those really cold days here.