Thursday, May 17, 2007

Top Ten Fabric

There are certain classic prints that appear often in various designers' work, and "Le Lac", a glazed chintz by Brunschwig & Fils, is certainly one of them. This chinoiserie design was created back in the 18th c. as a brocaded silk by Philippe de la Salle. La Salle also designed the brocades for the Versailles bedroom of Marie Antoinette (this according to the book "Keith Irvine: A Life in Decoration"). "Le Lac" was given new life as a print in the 20th century.

Keith Irvine of
Irvine & Fleming has used this print often and includes it in what he calls the "Irvine & Fleming Top Ten". Other designers, such as Todd Romano, have used this print as well. Because there is an array of colors in this print, "Le Lac" is a very flexible fabric. It looks great in green rooms (such as that of Irvine), red rooms (like that of Todd Romano), and really any other color. And because of the large repeat, there are a multitude of different scenes from which to choose.

A wing chair upholstered in "Le Lac"; design by Keith Irivne (photo courtesy of "Keith Irvine: A Life in Decoration")

Chair upholstered in "Le Lac" in home of Todd Romano

Room designed by Meg Braff, with chair upholstered in what I believe is "Le Lac" (although if anyone knows otherwise, please let me know)

Photo at top: A room with "Le Lac" upholstered chair; design by Keith Irvine


  1. I'm so glad you posted this. I love Le Lac and have saved that image of Todd R.'s chair for years -- I love it on the wing chair too. What a great print.

    BTW: Love the Art En Masse post below as well :)

  2. The designers you mention are all under "favorites" on my computer. You always have such good information!

  3. Anonymous12:05 PM

    I have used Le Lac for my living room curtains trimed with black grograin ribbon - the walls are glazed yellow. You might think the pattern would be lost, but since it is so large, it actually looks great. The Irvine upholstered chair was the first time I had seen it used in upholstery - love it there as well.

  4. Anonymous- Your curtains sound amazing, esp. with the black ribbon trim!

  5. thank you for that post, i love Le Lac too, and i will use it for the curtains of my new appt's living room next spring..
    anonymous, is there any way you could show us a pic ??

  6. Emilie- I know your curtains will look fantastic.
    Anonymous- if you'd like to share a photo with us, email it to me through the link on my profile page. Thanks!

  7. Anonymous1:23 AM

    I had no this fabric had such a following. I've been regretting not buying the whole bolt when I saw it. Does anyone know where I could find it?