Monday, May 21, 2007

WASP Style

For those who want an inside glimpse of the WASP lifestyle, you should read "A Privileged Life: Celebrating WASP Style"by Susanna Salk. Salk, who grew up in Essex, Massachusetts and attended Milton Academy, is obviously quite qualified to write about this unique and iconic strata of society. There are photos galore of everyone's favorite WASP icons: C.Z. Guest, Babe Paley, Katharine Hepburn, and Brooke Astor. In addition, there are photos and commentary regarding WASP fashion, WASP lifestyle, WASP food and drink (including a recipe for a Bloody Bull), and WASP homes. The "Homes" section features a photo of Paley's Round Hill, Jamaica home as well references to Sister Parish and Mario Buatta.

In the spirit of this charming book, I thought I would post a few photos that to me capture this lifestyle.

Living room decorated by "Prince of Chintz" Mario Buatta

Living Room of decorator Libby Cameron

Home of Palm Beach decorator/doyenne Pauline Pitt. The dog-motif paintings and floral print fabric are quintessential WASP.

Library in home of McMillen Inc. designer Betty Sherrill (photo courtesy of New York Social Diary)

Home of the ultimate WASP- C.Z. Guest


  1. Love all the rooms you found to share here as examples, especially the Buatta and Pitt rooms. Well, and the C.Z. Guest too :)

  2. Style Court- Thanks! No post like this would be complete without a photo of Guest's house!

  3. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Fun. Being an Episcopalian or what is termed as the frozen chosen, I can say you have presented the WASP ideal to perfection.

  4. After several stops and starts I am glad to see this book is actually available now! I just ordered it from Amazon.

  5. love the mirror in the Buatta room!

  6. A- It's a fun book. I think you'll enjoy it!

  7. Linda- I know- isn't that a great mirror???

  8. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I have the book and love it.

  9. Atl Social- Isn't it a fun book???