Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Get The Look: Hollywood Regency

For those who crave the Hollywood Regency/ Kelly Wearstler look, you may want to visit Inside Avenue. The online furniture and accessories retailer sells a variety of "looks" for one's home, but where they really shine is in their separate Hollywood Regency department. Looking for that Greyhound dog sculpture that Wearstler made popular? They've got it. Want some mirrored furniture to add to your home? There's plenty of that too. This site is a great resource for those accent pieces that one sees frequently on the pages of Domino. Here are a few picks that caught my eye:

Red Mirror Nesting Table

Versaille Table Lamp

Mirrored Ceramic Garden Stool

Yellow Temple Jar

Photo at top: Joy Bedding


  1. The Versailles lamp is just fabulous!

  2. Linda- Isn't it great? Comes in other colors too!

  3. Great resource! Love the yellow temple jar and the bedding :)

  4. I adore that "Vitamin D" jar (as I would call it!)...

  5. Terramia- That's too funny!