Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Charlotte Moss Townhouse

Last week I visited the new Charlotte Moss Townhouse (located on E. 63rd St.). I was quite anxious to investigate the store as there has been so much buzz about it. I can now say that the shop is well worth the hype.

The shop is five stories, with the fourth floor devoted to her offices and design business. When I entered the store, a staff member advised that I start on the fifth floor and work my way down. The interior of the townhouse is absolutely gorgeous. Each room is a little jewel box with beautiful wallpapers, curtains, cabinetry, and well, everything! On the fifth floor, there was a front room that was draped in a fantastic striped fabric. There were ikat print pillows, Chinoiserie side tables, and other Asian type accessories. The back room contained stationery and new design books, including Moss' "Winter House" and others. Off of this room, there was a chic little terrace with black treillage. Moss did a great job with the terrace.

The third floor was comprised of the Bedroom and the Library. The bedroom is truly every woman's dream. There is a huge four poster bed that is draped and swathed in Moss' fabric for Brunschwig (the website says that it is "Edith's Reverie"); there was also linen galore, particularly the Valombreause line. For those of us who cannot buy enough vintage design books (and I think that is most of us!), the Library is chocked full of old books on design, etiquette, entertaining, and all of the other "finer" things in life. I remember seeing a book on Diana Vreeland, a "Tiffany Tablesetting" book (the one from the 1960s), and a 1930s (?) book on marriage. The Library is painted dark grey and is rather masculine in a very tailored way. Another interesting room is the Cabinet of Curiosities, which is off of the Library. There are cabinets that contain Wedgwood basalt pieces, creamware, and other antique knick-knacks. The ceiling is papered in a variety of old maps.

The second floor has an interesting room at the front in which vintage couture gowns are displayed (quite magnificent). You can also find jewelry such as some shagreen cuffs in bright colors and Sorab & Roshi jewelry (you can also find luxe bedroom slippers in this room!). The hallway that connects this front room to the back Dining Room is filled with cabinets of William Yeoward crystal and vintage silver table accessories such as salt cellars. There are floor to ceiling cabinets in the Dining Room which display china (unfortunately I can't remember which patterns- my mother and I became distracted by some mirrored Chinoiserie placemats, which fortunately she bought). The ballgown-like green silk taffeta curtains are also to die for.

Finally, on the ground floor is the Conservatory with different types of garden implements, Charlotte Moss candles, and porcelain and ceramic fruits and vegetables. Oh, and Moss' pagoda logo is found throughout the house in both the decor and on various gifts (just look at the door handles above).

So, that's the tour of the Townhouse, and I hope I haven't put anyone to sleep! Something I almost forgot- the entire staff was so helpful and friendly, something that can be rare in some New York shops. It's definitely worth visiting the next time you're in New York.


  1. asleep? no. There was recently an article about the woman who Moss is using as - what? buyer, merchandiser? - in domino - her home was dreamy as well. Lucky you - NY in the spring - just watched "You've Got Mail" to get a taste of it myself. Can remember being oh-so-in love with Meg's apt. when I saw it the first time.

  2. KC-Yes, I loved that apartment in Domino, and I think you're right about her being the buyer. (I also like that movie, too!:))

  3. I feel like I'm there! Thanks so much for the virtual trip. Must have been an amazing experience :)

  4. Great synopsis....am headed to NYC later this summer and a visit is on my list. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for the review. Sounds great. Can't wait to make a pit stop!

  6. Wow... sounds like something I need to see on my next trip!

  7. Yes, if you're in NY, you should go by and see it.

  8. casapinka8:20 AM

    POC, great description! I can't wait for a trip to NY to go and drool. You didn't put me to sleep at all.

  9. Oh, you lucky, lucky thing!! SOunds like it was wonderful! Thanks for sharing.