Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Vintage Mary McDonald

I finally got my hands on an old November 2001 issue of House & Garden which features the former home of Mary McDonald. Even at this early point in her career, McDonald already had a keen sense of color, although her signature blue and white color combination is evident only in small doses. The gorgeous bedroom was inspired by Dior's Paris salon (which, by the way, has inspired quite a few designers). The white trim, molding, and fabrics provide the perfect counterpoint to the serenely sophisticated gray walls. Other color schemes throughout the house include cream, beige, and white in the living room and aqua and brown in the sitting room. All of these color schemes provide the perfect backdrop for McDonald's antiques, which include inherited pieces of furniture and accessories.

Master bedroom with Benjamin Moore Gull Wing Gray on walls. White pique bed curtains are Country Life's "Birdseye" with lining of Gaston y Daniela's "Ottoman Segura" in silver.

Living Room with mirrored table by Syrie Maugham. Drapery fabric is a Rose Cumming striped print.

The Garden Pavilion which is quintessential Mary McDonald.

Sitting Room with Louis XVI bergere upholstered in Nancy Corzine's "Newport" in Coffee.

Additional views of the living room and the sitting room.

On the left is the guest room; walls and ceiling covered in Manuel Canovas' "Merindol" in Sable. Another view of McDonald's bedroom on the right.

(All photos from the November 2001 issue of House & Garden)


  1. I have this entire article in my 'wish book' that I had torn out years ago -it's a spectacular house -thank you for posting!

  2. This is one of my all time favorite houses. These tear sheets are in my Mary McDonald notebook and I look at them often :)

  3. Be the change, I know, I love this house. Wish I had bought that issue back in 2001!

  4. Style Court- Yes, this house is pretty close to perfection!

  5. I remember this article too. Sooo beautiful! Classic and timeless.

  6. Anonymous4:23 PM

    can you tell me what issue june or july of 2006 had
    the article on albert hadley/a house he had done in
    hobe sound
    many thanks

  7. Anonymous- I'll go through my files and find it for you. Will report back soon.

  8. Anonymous- You're not going to believe this, but I had ripped the article out of the mag, and there is no date on any of the pages. The only thing I could find was "Volume 148, Number 7", so I'm assuming that means July???

  9. Anonymous5:50 PM

    thank you so much would it be easy and/or a problem to email them to me???
    Many thanks
    PS Your blog site is very sophisticated!

  10. Anonymous- It's no trouble at all. Send me an email through the link on my profile page, and I'll respond back to you with the images.

  11. Anonymous3:03 AM

    hi peakdid you get my message - i am new to THIS

  12. Love Mary McDonald and I loved seeing a few shots I haven't seen before! Thanks!

  13. Anonymous- Did you send me an email through the link? If so, I did not get your email. Send me an email at thepeakofchic@comcast.net