Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Domino Dish

Last night I attended a party in honor of Domino Magazine which was held at Pieces, one of Atlanta's favorite stores. It's always fun to peek around this shop which is filled with some fabulous, well, pieces. The furniture and accessories, however, were not the only draw- Miles Redd and Rita Konig, amongst others, were there to celebrate the recent Domino article on Atlanta shopping. Here are a few fun photos of the evening:

Conde Nast has also rolled out a new ad campaign called "Point of Passion" that features various artists and tastemakers representing each of their magazines. And guess who is in the ad for Domino? Albert Hadley! Here is an image of the ad, which is great because Hadley is featured in his apartment, a home that I truly love (although I've only seen it in pictures!).

Albert Hadley was photographed for Condé Nast's Point of Passion ad-campaign in his New York City apartment, just off of Central Park.


  1. What a fun party!! I've never been to Atlanta, but you all seem miles ahead of Boston fashion wise! I think we're slowly catching up. Thanks for the "inside scoop"!

  2. Thanks Linda! We're trying to be fashionable down here in Atlanta!

  3. Sorry I missed meeting you!

  4. Darn Style Court! I wish I had known you were there so that we could have met. Maybe next store party???

  5. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Hi peak-
    there you are with miles- i actually spoke with his dad this morning and left a message for him to call
    and catch up

  6. Hey Anonymous! I sent you an email yesterday about the party. Did you get it?

  7. So great to see your pictures and Courtney's too Jennifer. It looks like it was a fantastic night!

  8. Anonymous2:59 PM

    A big bird told me that Boston is next on the list of cities for a DOMINO party!

  9. What a great looking party! I will have to get back to Atlanta at some point. Love the Hadley home...anything albert is amazing! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  10. Lucky you - wish I'd been there!

  11. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Well it is great to see you in that stunning dress. You are the picture of elegance.

    The D&D by the way is one of my favorite buildings as well.I hope you had a fabulous time finding fabric there on your recent trip to New York.

  12. Thanks Robin! It was a little hot and humid that night, so none of us were really looking our best!