Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An Exciting Style Compass

Yes, I know you're thinking "Here she goes with her weekly 1st dibs post". However, I am thrilled to see that my good friend Clinton Smith, Senior Editor at Southern Accents, is featured in this week's Style Compass. And to think that he didn't even tell me he was going to be featured!

A native Texan, Clinton is a true blue Southerner with a discerning eye and great taste. He is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. So run on over to 1st dibs and check out his recommendations!

(Image courtesy of 1st dibs; photographer Mali Azima)


  1. Ooooh, what a fabulous friend you have! :)

  2. Design- Yes, he's very sweet :)

  3. Look how cute he looks in his pink sweater. Adorable. I/m just loving all this design this week with the great books of fabulousness.


  4. Anonymous6:28 AM

    My internet connection is very slow this morning, so I will have to click on the link later, but for now, I am *loving* the pink jumper!

  5. Wasn't this exciting? Clint looks great and the feature is wonderful. So glad to see SA and Clint getting international exposure.