Thursday, January 18, 2007

Todd Alexander Romano

Todd Alexander Romano is one of those well-known designers who still manages to fly under the radar. It had been a few years since I had seen his work profiled. Fortunately, his Manhattan apartment can be seen in the current Elle Decor.

Romano's work is characterized by touches of the traditional and the urbane. I like that while his apartment is formal, it is also quite comfortable. I think he "warmed" things up with his use of sumptuous velvets in shades of brown and red. At the same time, he adds a crispness to everything with the antique mirrored panels, the mirrored garden stool, and the wonderful Queen's Ware displayed in the black bookshelves (very graphic).

Romano has a fabulous shop on Lexington Ave.- it's filled with wonderful antiques, and I believe he also carries de Gournay wallcoverings (reason enough to visit). The next time you're in that neighborhood, you should definitely check out his shop!


  1. I found your blog through Design dna. Yay!

    I love that mirrored backing. so glam.

  2. I love the antiqued mirror panels featured in the top picture most of all. Very beautiful pictures.


  3. That makes three, the mirror is great and the rooms are so elegant, yet have a cozy feel.

  4. I'm with all of you- the mirror def. makes the room!