Friday, January 19, 2007

Lorely Furniture

I'm sure many of you are familiar with Laura Yaggy's Lorely Furniture line, especially her popular python telephone table. I finally got around to checking out her website, and I truly love her furniture collection. The pieces are so simple, but what is so great about it is that you can choose amongst a multitude of finishes and colors- lacquer, crackled lacquer, lacquered linen, python, faux emu... the list goes on! She will even finish some of the pieces in faux tortoise- my current fave (as seen in my post from this past Monday). You can go as wild (or as tame) as you would like.

Here are some of the selections from her website:


  1. I vote for that glam red item. Hmmm...maybe I am secretly a starlet who has not come into her own...

  2. I vote for the red!! So striking!!

  3. I'm with you both on the red piece, but I might also like that cocktail table in oxblood faux lizard! A little too over the top??

  4. POC-hmmmm...I am just not sure about that. Might be a little to Versace for my taste.

  5. pinkmohair9:29 AM

    Hey POC, I'm off to Atlanta tomorrow. Are there any "must sees" for outfitting Casapinka on a budget?

  6. Marrakech-
    You might be right. Temporary lapse of taste!!!!

  7. Pink Mohair-
    Here are a few suggestions:
    1) Pieces on Roswell Rd. (in Buckhead). Their website is
    Cute stuff- some pricey, some not.

    2)Bungalow- which is at 1197 Howell Mill Rd. Pretty reasonably priced furniture (and good selection of lamps too). Can't find a website for them. (Right up the street on Huff Rd. are 2 discount fabrics stores that are good- Forsyth Fabrics and Lewis & Sheron)

    3)14th Street Antiques Market (530 14th St.). Lots of vendors- in the front of the bldg are the expensive vendors; in the back warehouse the merch. is less expensive.

    4)Across the street from Pieces (on Roswell Rd.) is a shop called Plantation Shop. Now, it's very traditional, but, the owner does have good prices on English antique chests, tables, etc. (if that's your thing).

    I'll keeping thinking about this and post again shortly.
    Hope this helps! Have fun!