Thursday, January 11, 2007

Murray Moss, Meissen, and More

For those of you who have visited Moss in Soho, you may know it as a mecca for modern design. While Murray Moss fills his shop with both the latest and the most classic of modern pieces, he also has one of the most magnificent collections of traditional porcelain china. Meissen, Nymphenburg, and KPM all fill the shelves.

Meissen is one of the oldest and most prestigious makers of European porcelain. One of my favorite Meissen patterns is "Rich Court", which was designed in 1745. According to the Moss website, Augustus the Strong commissioned this service, which was exclusive to the Saxon court until 1918. The pattern contains beautiful images of dragons and birds depicted in red and gold.

For a more feminine (and less grand) pattern, I think the "Neuosier Flowers and Fruit" by KPM is absolutely charming. I could see using this for a ladies' luncheon, displayed on a cerise or lettuce colored linen tablecloth. The hand painted design is so delicate and beautiful!

Moss also carries more unique porcelain pieces. This Meissen Lobster Box is both wonderful and weird. I would never have guessed that this piece was designed in 1770!

And, for strictly decorative use, these Chinese figures by Nymphenburg would look absolutely stunning on a table, on a mantle, or anywhere you want to add some Chinese chic!

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