Thursday, January 25, 2007

Decorative Screens

1st Dibs is certainly not lacking in decorative screens this week. There are some beautiful ones that I thought I would share with you.

Michele C Antiques of Los Angeles has a circa-1985 screen comprised of Zuber wallpaper panels (the site calls them Juber, but I'm assuming they meant Zuber). The wallpaper is an 1830 design entitled "Views of Brazil" that was created using the original wood blocks. I just love the rich colors and the charming "exotic" scenes.

George N Antiques of NYC is offering a circa-1830 Neoclassical painted canvas screen. The two central panels depict a pastoral scene with a gentleman, two ladies, and a dog, and the two outside panels are painted with very typical Neoclassical design motifs. Also notice the faux-marbre effect at the bottom of the screen.

Screens are such wonderful accent pieces, and one of the beauties of screens is that they can be fairly easy to make. For full-on art deco glamour, why not make a screen using mirrored or antiqued mirrored panels? Or, if you're on a budget, you could have a handyman make a three or four-paneled wooden screen. You could add the design element by gluing on your favorite wallpaper!


  1. I so want a mirrored screen! But so hopeless at that kind of thing.

    PS Thanks for your congrats today:-)

  2. pinkmohair2:14 AM

    I could use a Brazlian scene in my house (unrelated to a certain waxing style.)

  3. Louise7:44 PM

    I have seen beautiful mirrored screens made out of oridnary bi-fold mirrored closet doors.

  4. Louise- That is such a great idea. And so much easier than making one yourself. What was I thinking?? If I ever decide to have a mirrored screen in my house, I'm just going to do the bi-fold doors.