Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tagged- I'm it!

Looks like I've been tagged by All The Best (great blog, by the way), so now I will share with you six weird things about me. This list, unfortunately, was not too difficult for me to come up with!

1) I love to sleep under a pile of blankets in the summertime and then crank up the air-conditioning so that it's like an icebox!

2) I'm a nut for symmetry, and I always have to buy or display things in pairs.

3) I have great taste in tv shows. So great in fact that every show that I like ends up being cancelled after a few months (anybody remember that late great nighttime soap "Savannah" from the mid-1990s? I thought not!).

4) I can't leave dirty dishes in the sink after a party. I'm the fool who is up until 4am handwashing the china and silver.

5) I love china and can't have enough of it. I have my formal china, everyday china, breakfast china (seen above- love it but don't use it enough), dessert china, great aunt's china, and am now looking for luncheon china and holiday china. It's a disease!

6) And finally, I have organized my want list of books in my laptop, alphabetized by author's last name and with publisher and publication date included! Am I a Type A or what???

Anyway, enough about me. Now I would like to tag Maryam at My Marrakesh. Maryam, if you have already been tagged, then my bad!


  1. Oh my gosh, we’re cut from the same cloth…and I really didn’t know I was all that weird! :-)

    I remember Savannah, it was about three friends… Lane, Peyton…can’t remember the other. And I have a major silver and stemware obsession! I have three sets of china and I desperately want Royal Crown Derby Red Aves and Green Wedgewood Chinoiserie.

    I think life would be boring if we were all normal!

  2. I hear you about the books!!!

  3. ATB- So glad I'm not the only one who remembers that show! You also have great taste in china!

  4. Preppy Princess- for those of us with book obsessions (and I think that would be about everybody with a style related blog), you gotta have some way to organize it!

  5. pinkmohair1:31 AM

    I love that you guys are weird. I hope you post some more photos of your china. That would be a great excuse to get it out and do lovely place settings - to post!

  6. oooooh, I am so with you on #1. *Love* that.

    I have already done that meme. You can see it here at

    Be forewarned, I am very weird!

  7. I can relate to number 1 and number 6 - I love beautiful china and I too just seem to continue adding to my collections!! I would also like to note that I loved your profile on Ronda's site and the photo was gorgeous!!

  8. pinkmohair-
    Great idea. The next time I have trouble sleeping, perhaps I'll get up and create table settings!

  9. My Marrakech-
    You're not weird at all- or perhaps we all are????

  10. Anna-
    Thanks for the kind words!! I loved your profile too- it's so interesting to find out more about fellow bloggers!