Saturday, January 27, 2007

Celerie Kemble

I was looking through my files today and came across an article on a Philadelphia house decorated by Celerie Kemble (House Beautiful Feb. 2003). While the overall look is traditional, I think Kemble added some youthful touches (mainly through her use of color) to keep it from looking stuffy.

I'm crazy for the living room- I especially like the moss green grass-cloth covered walls (see above and below). The green is repeated in the green velvet ottoman and the green and cream striped bergere. I think the red floral Bergamo fabric that Kemble chose for the corner banquette adds some punch to the room and keeps it from looking too serious.

The dining room walls, strie painted and glazed, are such a rich brown/ochre shade. It's the perfect backdrop for the red Chinese Chippendale chairs and the red beaded chandelier.

Kemble created a tranquil bedroom by using soft green and cream as the color scheme. But what I love best are the bed hangings- so luxurious!


  1. Louise7:45 PM

    Love the orchids in the window -- I do the same, but they never come back, but I still like the green leaves.

  2. PoC, thank you so much for posting on Celerie Kemble!! Over the years I have seen and read about her on New York Social Diary, but I’ve not seen her work. Love the living room and dining room! Just beautiful, thanks!

  3. Louise, I have never been able to get them to come back either. You're right, though, the leaves on their own are quite beautiful and sculptural, in a way.