Monday, January 29, 2007

Lampshade Chic

In the February issue of House Beautiful, Miles Redd mentions that bad lampshades can ruin both a good lamp and a good room. I think he is so accurate. So many times lampshades are an afterthought. How many times have you seen a beautiful porcelain lamp topped by a boring beige shade? Or a crystal lamp wearing the wrong-sized shade?

The fun thing about choosing a lampshade is that you can create an impact with your choice of shape, color, and material. Good quality and well-made lampshades can be quite expensive, but you can find chic shades at a decent price. And don't forget the finials- they are like jewelry for lamps! I recently bought shades for some plain candlestick lamps. In order to give the lamps some pizzazz, I bought some black pagoda shaped shades. But what really gave the lamps that added flair were shiny, bright, Chinese red ball finials. It was like an exclamation point at the top of my lamps.

White ceramic lamp with Brunschwig and Fils toile lampshade by Woodson and Rummerfield

Orange shades by David Netto

Houndstooth lampshade and black lamp at Balsamo

Lampshade by Oriental Lamp Shade Company

Feather shade available at Gracious Home

*Image at top courtesy of Edgar-Reeves, Atlanta


  1. pinkmohair3:18 PM

    Post your lampshades, POC! I am dying to see these red finials. I never knew one could even purchase different finials - what an education. I'm sure your lamps are gorgeous and I really want to see them. Ante up, sister!

  2. pinkmohair- just for you, I will post pics of the lamps tomorrow. I love using eye-catching finials, but I will admit a good finial is hard to find!

  3. Louise5:48 PM

    I swear I once had a silk dress made of that same black/white print lampshade -- that was 20 years ago, so perhaps it's an old pattern revised -- makes ya think before getting rid of old cloths for there are so many opportunities to reuse fine fabrics in our decor such as this lampshade or pillows!