Monday, April 30, 2007

Shell Savvy

Mother Nature is truly the ultimate designer, and shells may be one of her most beautiful creations. They are beautiful, sculptural, and durable. It is for all of these reasons that shells are a great way to incorporate nature into a design scheme. Of course, the shell motif is quite popular in beach houses, but there is no reason why those of us who are landlocked can't incorporate shells into our decor.

Marian McEvoy (whose home is featured in the top photo) is the queen of the glue gun, and she seems especially fond of gluing shells to anything and everything: beds, fireplaces, mirrors. If the thought of doing this is just a tad too overwhelming, why not buy a shell mirror, such as the one below from 1st dibs?

Vintage shell mirror from Gustavo Olivieri at 1st Dibs

Shell chandeliers, such as that in Muriel Brandolini's apartment (second photo down), are so striking with their ropes and dangles of little shells. This one, from Mecox Gardens, is particularly pretty.

Shell Chandelier at Mecox Gardens

When too many shells are not enough, Christa's South Seashells is the place to visit. This Palm Beach shop carries everything from tasteful antiques and home accessories to the wildest shell encrusted furniture and sculptures.

Shell console from Christa's South Seashells

Shell "David" from Christa's South Seashells

Finally, if all you want is just a small touch of shells, this wall bracket from Ruzzetti and Gow is just perfect.

Shell encrusted wall bracket from Ruzzetti and Gow

(Photos at top from "Rooms to Inspire" by Annie Kelly and Tim Street-Porter)


  1. So much inspiration here! Love the Mecox chandelier.

  2. I am completely obsessed with shells!! Whenever I go to Hawaii I stock up big time - my husband has been known to get very grumpy carrying all my shells in our hand luggage on the way home!!
    I love the images you have posted here as always!!

  3. Style Court- Thanks. Mecox always has such stylish things!

  4. Anna- Me too! I'm always lugging back shells. In fact, once I brought home a 5 pound bag of these shiny little black pebbles I found on the beach in San Francisco. My husband thought I was CRAZY!! Of course I made him carry them :)

  5. Love the David statue!

  6. These are great, thanks for the inspiration! Makes me want to head to the beach and then fire up the glue gun!

  7. Fairfax- Doesn't David crack you up? Christa's is a great, and creative, store!

  8. Linda- Totally agree! Although I have a big box of shells that I've collected- just have to figure out what to do with them!

  9. ebay is a great source for on-line shell stores! i have been wanting to do something with mussel or oyster shells.

  10. Frances- Thanks for the tip! Mussel shells would look great on something.