Thursday, April 05, 2007

Curve Appeal

My taste in design tends to be a bit schizophrenic- sometimes I am drawn to more masculine colors and lines, while at other times I want pure femininity in my rooms. There is no reason why the yin and yang of design can't coexist. One way I inject some feminine charm to a room is by adding a few curvy pieces of furniture and accessories to the mix. The curves tend to lighten things up and create more visual interest. Lately, I've been particularly drawn to interlocking, scroll type designs. Here are a few finds that might just add some feminine mystique to your room.

"Paris" Console by Eboniste

Double Twist Sconce at Circa Lighting

"Versailles" Shams by Haute Home

Espresso Linen Napkin by Carolyne Roehm

Photo at top: "Zeus" chair by Oscar de la Renta collection at Century Furniture


  1. I am mad gor that chair..... does it come in orange?

  2. Mark- Isn't that a great chair? I agree, it would also look fab punched up with some color!

  3. POC,
    Beautiful mix of pieces here!