Friday, April 27, 2007

Brown and Aubergine

Last week I posted on blue, red, and pink rooms, so continuing in this vein, today I'll post some of my favorite brown and aubergine rooms.

These two dark, rich colors really pack a punch, and they go a long way in creating a luxurious and warm atmosphere. I love the way the light and bright colors of fabrics and accessories play off of dark walls. If you're scared of dark colors, perhaps you should embrace them in a small way, such as in a powder room. Flat browns and aubergines are always right, but if you want a high wattage effect, then go for the lacquered look. And if Billy Baldwin embraced these dark colors, then you know you can't go wrong!

Dining Room by Richard Keith Langham; color is Flat Brown by Pratt and Lambert (photo courtesy of Southern Accents)

Room for the 2005 House Beautiful Showhouse by Joe Nye

Room at top by Mario Buatta in a custom lacquered aubergine


  1. That Joe Nye room is one of my favorites! Love the Chinese export porcelain against the dark walls.

  2. My mother's half bath off her "tv room" is Aubergine. Her interior decorator is fabulous. Initially I said yuck, but then I saw it and it's great looking. It's sort of a textured paint.

  3. Style Court- Yes, the porcelain looks GREAT against the brown walls!

  4. A.- I want an aubergine room badly! I love that color, esp. when it's lacquered.

  5. Laquered aubergine walls... How luxe!!!

  6. Lacquered aubergine you're talking. Flat brown walls...I shall remain the silent minority.

  7. I love the 2nd picture.