Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Black and Blue

A few readers have suggested that I post about favorite paint colors, something which I thought would be fun to discuss. I have so many favorite colors (and so many favorite rooms) that I thought it would be better to have a few different posts that are segregated by color.

Today I'm featuring just a few of my favorite blue rooms (and one black room) . I am particularly fond of ice blue- it's so soothing, yet so chic, all at the same time. In fact, I've always had a blue bedroom. As refreshing as pale blue is, a deep, dark blue that veers towards black can be quite mysterious. These deep hues look great in living, dining, and powder rooms. Furniture and accessories seem to take on a sense of drama when paired with a dark colored room.

I hope you like the rooms that I'm showing, but I would very much like to hear what your favorite blue rooms are. Please note that I tried to include specific paint colors when I could. Stay tuned for other colors soon!

Icy Blue Living Room of decorator James Andrew. The lettuce green of both the tureen and the chair fabric looks quite vivid when paired with this color blue.

Dining Room of Brooke de Ocampo; the peacock blue walls and brown and white zig-zag painted floor were inspired by a photo of a room decorated by Parish Hadley. (Photo courtesy of the New York Times.)

Teal Dining Room in the Hamptons home of Aerin Lauder; custom color by Donald Kaufman

Deep, blue- black living room of designer Barclay Fryery; paint color is Black Panther by Ralph Lauren

Photo at top of designer Alexa Hampton's feminine blue bedroom


  1. Love the Alexa Hampton room. I could sleep forever there!

  2. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Great post! I love the James Andrew room you chose and also the blue-black paint color of Barclay Fryery's. Two of my favorite blue rooms:

    Sarah Ruffin Costello living room


    Miles Redd's bedroom

    I guess I'm always drawn to the robin's egg blues. I have it in my family room!

  3. Fairfax- Yes, Hampton's bedroom is divine!

  4. Laura, those are both great rooms. I love Miles' bedroom- I almost posted it but thought people might be sick of me talking about him :) Also, I forgot about Ruffin Costello's room- that blue is so clear and so pretty. I'm partial to Robin's Egg too.

  5. Alexa Hampton's bedroom is divine. It is so calm. A beautiful color that is similar to Hampton's room is Silver Cloud by Benjamin Moore.

  6. Thanks Sarah! I love the shade of blue in Hampton's room. So soothing!

  7. Wow, they are all great. I've seen some of them before (Aerin Lauder's). I am totally partial to a duck egg or robin's egg blue!

    LOVE the new banner and blog makeover, beautiful!

  8. The James Andrew design is beautiful.

    Jennifer Ramos

  9. Alyssa- Me too- love Robin's egg blue!

  10. Jennifer- I know- I love James Andrew's whole apartment!

  11. sure enough, Aerin Lauder's dining room was in my dog-earred "dream decorating file." Thanks for having such great taste!

  12. S.- Thanks for your comment! I love Lauder's dining room- in fact, her whole house!

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