Friday, April 13, 2007

Captivating Color

Continuing with the color theme.... Today's post is all about riotous red, pulsating pink, and outrageous orange. If you really want to make a statement in your rooms, these are your go-to colors. You can go as bold or as subtle as you want- if you're afraid of fuschia, then why not go for a ballet slipper pink? Does bright orange give you hives? Then perhaps you should steer toward a terra-cotta shade. Whatever your preference, these three colors are beautiful ways in which to bring some sizzle to your home.

The photo at top is of the New York apartment of legendary decorator Mark Hampton and his wife Duane. While the room is quite evocative of that time, I do think the vivid red outlined in bright pink is quite striking. (Note: in my original version of this post I incorrectly stated that David Hicks had decorated this apartment, but an eagle-eyed reader told me that Hampton had in fact decorated this apartment in 1968. Thank you poster for correcting me!).

This entryway in Sheila Bridges' apartment is a bold statement in clear, bright orange (photo courtesy of New York Social Diary)

This living room, decorated by Miles Redd, is a "subtler" shade of orange, which is perfect for this traditional apartment.

Miles Redd's living room in a deeper shade of pink- very cosmopolitan.

OK- so this is not someone's home. It's a shot of Chapman Radcliff, the shop owned by Ruthie Sommers. This is a very feminine shade of pink.

Shiny, bright lacquered red! I love this room by Barbara Uzielli. Yes, it's very traditional, but the shiny red makes everything seem slicker, so to speak! (photo courtesy of New York Social Diary)


  1. And no post about colour would be complete without Redd, Miles Redd!

  2. All fabulous images! Love how you put these together. So lush.

  3. Anonymous3:53 PM

    That funky image of Mark Hampton's apartment is from 1968. Though heavily Hicksian in look, even using Hicks fabric and a Hicks rug,the room was decorated by Hampton, not Hicks. Hampton was working as David Hicks' US Associate, after having worked for him in London.

  4. Anonymous- Thank you for setting me straight! I was a little confused when I read somewhere that Hicks had decorated the Hampton apartment as a wedding gift for them- I believe I read that somewhere. I didn't understand why Mark Hampton would have someone else decorate his home when he was so talented himself. So, now I understand. Thanks! I'll update my post.

  5. I love Sheila Bridges Orange entryway!! Great pics!


  6. Does anyone have any suggestions for colors similar to the Miles Redd orange color shown here?

  7. Anna-That choice of orange was quite bold, but I do like it!

  8. Sarah, I went back and looked through the article (from House & Garden, Jan.???) and all it said was "orange crosshatched" glazed walls. I'm not really familiar with orange paint colors- can anyone help???