Friday, March 14, 2008

French Frothiness for a Friday

Seeing that my posts have been a bit Francocentric this week (with the exception of John Stefanidis, of course), I thought I would end the week with images of a charming Paris pied-à-terre. Designed by Jacques Garcia with antiques from Luc Bouveret, this home, particularly the bedroom, seems perfect for a modern day Marie Antoinette. N'est-ce pas?

Images from House & Garden, Oct. 2002; photographer François Halard


  1. perfect for a modern day ME, peak! I remember this article and have it in my clipping files! Thanks for refreshing my memory :-)

  2. Change- I had forgotten about this apt and came across it yesterday. Such a beautiful home.

  3. Anonymous9:50 AM


  4. You know I am loving it...

  5. I also love your modern day MA description. So opulent :)

  6. I want that chair (the last image)!!

  7. I love the low folding screen in the window in the first photograph, with the adjustable panels. Pauline de Rothschild designed a sofa with similar panels for herself; the panels could be raised or lowered to control the light from a nearby window. It is a very 18th-century conceit and so lovely.

  8. Gorgeous, plush and seductive -- certainly the perfect setting for a modern MA! Tres chic!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  9. moi lovee'
    (like my french?)

  10. i love plush velvet chairs. all of them!

  11. Thank you for being FRANCOCENTRIC ! I love it , may be because I am french.
    this week I am also going to write about France, Marie Antoinette , XVIII th antiques ...
    I want to share that because of the fablulous Marie Antoinette exhibition !

  12. absolutely Stunning and luxurious interiors. I'm not sure who wouldn't like style from the French!

  13. didier Renard6:47 AM

    I just discovered all these comments about this apartment, and I take them as so good compliments because I created and realised this when I used to be project manager at Garcia's in 2000.
    The owner was so thrilled that she allowed me to stay for a while in this jewels'box till 2005!
    Unfortunately you cannot see on the pictures the desk, which was the very one that Glenn Close is using in the "Liaisons Dangereuses".
    And the parrots'wall lights in bronze and porcelain with custom made colors after the colors of the fabric on the walls.
    And the little bathroom in marble and mahogany, like a powder room for Marie-Antoinette indeed;
    And the marble galery of the entrance!
    I have so goods memories of the work in progress... and you have to imagine that half of the appartment was completely destroyed and rebuilt!!
    Feel free to send me some further comments: