Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekend Plans

I'm looking forward to a weekend full and more work! Fun, fun. If I can find the time to do so, I plan to slip away and check out the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. I especially want to visit the event's Connoisseur Lounge designed by Danielle Rollins and Mallory Mathison. I'm posting a few photos of it here, but of course, there is nothing like seeing a space in person. If you're in Atlanta this weekend, you might want to consider attending. Hope to see you there.

*I would be remiss not to mention that much of the furniture, artwork, fabric, and accessories that you see here were generously loaned by
Parc Monceau, Travis & Company, The Mercantile, Schumacher, Carolyn Carr, Jonathan Adler and Moattar, Ltd.

All photographs courtesy of Photography by Galina.


  1. beautiful...especially the 1st photo...Happy weekend!

  2. Hi Jen-
    Lovely-wish I could attend.
    Do you know who makes the white pagodas I see in the background? I've been looking for lovely ones for inside my home. Charlotte Moss made black ones that she sold in her store, but I wasn't crazy about the quality. Do you know of any other sources for them? By the way...I know how much you love chinoiserie (as I do!)...I saw your lovely China in one of your entertainment posts awhile back... what is your pattern? You have exquisite taste, as always. Thank you and have a good weekend!

  3. This is a wonderful design for a festival lounge!

    (But this marks my official overload on suzani patterns).

  4. Kathy- I'll see what I can find out about the pagodas. Re: the china, thanks for the kind comment. It's "Audubon" by Tiffany- alas, discontinued!

  5. Love! Was here in Nashville all weekend. I do make it down to ATL several times a year and wish I could have made it so for this... but hopefully you went and will post your own photographs? Of course the ones above are beautiful, but I'm always intrigued by what someone's eye catches.