Monday, May 02, 2011

A Peak of Chic Party

Tara Guérard and her team at Soirée certainly know how to throw a party. After all, they are responsible for some very stylish parties and weddings, events that have been breathlessly covered by blogs and magazines far and wide. With offices in Charleston and New York as well as a stationery line called The Lettered Olive, Tara and Soirée are who many a stylish gal has turned to plan their own royal weddings. Make that royal looking weddings.

I thought it might be fun to have Tara help me organize a Peak of Chic Party. Well, not a real one, but rather a pretend, "what might be" party. I see it taking place outdoors with shelter provided by a tent- a fanciful tent, of course. And I would probably go old-school with the music and hire
Liquid Pleasure. Their tag line is "The more you drink, the better we sound", but I've heard them sober and not completely sober and they always sound good. And speaking of drink, I would serve all of the usual suspects plus something fun like Gin Fizzes.

The food? Tara came up with a menu that really makes me want to take this party from the virtual world to the real world.


Crepes of Duck Confit
Cipollini onions, garlic, ginger, cherry reduction

Ahi Tuna Tartare
House made sesame oil, edible wonton “spoons,” lotus roots

“Deviled” Eggs
Sweet pickle-egg mousse, pencil asparagus tips

Bamboo Skewers of Local Creek Shrimp
Toasted hazelnuts, Grand Marnier aioli

Grilled Croissants
Grilled beef tenderloin, tarragon pesto, arugula, heirloom tomatoes, Old Amsterdam cheese

Cornbread Encrusted Pork Tenderloin
Chopstick skewers, caramelized Granny Smith apples, Saigon cinnamon, cherry chutney

The Composed Cheese Course
Artisan cheeses and accompaniments

Miniature Cupcakes
White cake with butter cream and chocolate cake with vanilla icing

She also came up with another menu option for me:


Petit Black Angus Filet Mignon and Risotto “Pears”
Wild mushrooms, English peas, roasted shallot-Marsala demi-glace

And just to make sure that my party goes smoothly, Tara gave me the following suggestions:

1. Print or create cute signs for passed appetizers & the cheese cart. Invest a little in custom printed napkins styled to match the invitation - guests always appreciate the details!

2. Make sure napkins can't blow off tables at outside events by wrapping pretty ribbon ties around napkin bundles.

3. Using lots of one decor item makes a big impact! Example here is using lots of glass cylinders, pillars and orchids throughout the party.

4. Comfortable lounge seating areas make parties more fun, cozy and intimate. Then no one wants to go home!

Sounds doable to me. So, who's ready to party?

Menu and tips courtesy of Tara Guérard; photographs by Adrienne Page Photography.


  1. Just reading the menu makes my tummy gurgle--I'm on my way.

  2. Oh sign me up! That would be a party worth taking the plane for! What a crazily delicious menu. Hey! I could even bring some French wine. ;)

  3. You know, we really should get together and have a party. That would be FUN!

  4. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Where is all the fabulous furniture from?

  5. Anon- Good question, and I'm afraid that I don't know. I probably should have mentioned that the photos were taken at parties and weddings that Tara designed. I wish that I could say that the patio furniture is mine ;)

  6. Please invite me to that one..Sounds devine!!!

  7. What is Local Creek Shrimp? Similar to crawdads?

  8. Classicist- I think they're small shrimp caught in the local waterways of the coastal Carolinas.

  9. Sounds devine! I'm now craving deviled eggs like no other.

  10. Have a real party! I'll hop on a plane and come anytime!

  11. I am helping with a wedding (of friend) here in LA in Oct. and immediately sent Tara's website and yours for them to peruse . Thank you for being so gracious-a true southern trait.
    yes, please -2 for the party.

  12. Looks like I'm going to be hosting a party! ;)