Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3525 Turtle Creek in the 1990s

Over the weekend, I mentioned to Clinton Smith that I was working on a few posts about 3525 Turtle Creek, and of course he knew: 1) exactly which building I was writing about 2) that Greer Garson had once lived there and 3) that Elle Decor had published an apartment in the building back in 1999. (If you know Clinton, then you know that this kind of knowledge is hardly surprising. He has a mind like a steel trap.) He was kind enough to loan me the May 1999 issue of Elle Decor in which the apartment of real estate investor Pat Patterson was featured. Ms. Patterson purchased her penthouse unit at 3525 from the estate of Greer Garson. (You know, Mrs. Miniver.)

What is striking about the home- besides the brise-soleils outside of the windows, of course- is the blend of traditional antiques, modern furniture, and contemporary artwork. Who knew that Flora Danica and Yves Klein would get along so well together? But what I think that I admire most are those chairs covered in an animal print pony hair. The pair of chairs, as well as the living room's curved sofa, were purchased from Garson's estate. Obviously, Ms. Garson was one chic character, and I think it fair to say that Ms. Patterson is too.

A Platner table and chairs. (Did I ever mention that the first time I sat in a Platner chair was in the ladies clothing department at Neiman's? I sat there often while my mother tried on clothes.)

A view from the top.

Impressive looking bookshelves.

Patterson's collection of antique Flora Danica hangs above a traditional dining table and chairs. Greer Garson's circular sofa is in the foreground.

I love the juxtaposition of Flora Danica china and King Edward flatware against the backdrop of the brise-soleil. It gives the table setting an edge.

The kitchen still retained the original cooktop, ovens, and cabinets.

All images from Elle Decor, May 1999; Ka Yeung photographer.


  1. Love this post. I grew up in a nearby neighborhood, and we just referred to the building as 3525, as in "My grandmother lives at 3525".
    One knew where that was without even mention of the street. Always known as the home of the chic and established, it is such fun to see your photos! Great early morning read for me. Thanks!

  2. It just goes to prove that good design doesn't date. This apartment is amazing -it could have been done yesterday.

  3. The chair!! This apartment in all of its incarnations is gorgeous. The juxtapositions are perfection. Mary

  4. That building must have been the place to be (much as I think yours is now.)

  5. Anonymous9:39 PM

    I have the same oven in the 1955 house that we bought seven years ago. We were going to replace the oven right away, but we never have. I love the way it looks, and we really don't cook much anyway. However, it does function and it's huge.

  6. The place is wonderful! I'm such a sucker for a great view from the top and that one is my favorite! Everything is pretty gorgeous from furnitures and oh, the bookshelf yay!

  7. Anon- I still have the original 1968 cooktop and oven in my kitchen. They still work really well!

  8. Classic elegance never goes out of style! And i absolutely love the antique plate display. What an impressive wall covering. Your blog is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  9. How fabulous! That chair is just amazing! Enjoy the gorgeous week, Kellie xx