Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3525 Turtle Creek circa 1966

Continuing with the Howard Meyer designed high-rise in Dallas...

This apartment, featured in the July 1966 issue of House & Garden, was owned by a Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lambert, Jr. Thanks to Google, I learned that Joe Lambert was a prominent landscape architect, and his wife Evelyn was a socialite and noted art collector. Looking through the photos, it appears that the apartment was quite large, had high ceilings, and boasted a spacious terrace. All of this makes me wonder if the Lamberts lived in a penthouse apartment. You'll also see that many of the windows only had the concrete sun screens on the upper portions, meaning that these windows were not on the West side of the building. (You'll recall from yesterday's post that only the West side had continuous screens.) As soon as I saw the photos of the windows shielded by the perforated concrete, I knew that it had to be the same Dallas building as the apartment of designer Christopher Ridolfi, and in fact, it is.

Update: After I wrote this post, a reader of mine confirmed that in fact the Lamberts' apartment was one of two penthouse units. The other one belonged to Greer Garson.

In the living room, the Lamberts hung a Stanley Hayter painting on the ceiling. A dining/garden room lies beyond the glass partition.

The drawing room boasted white and black artwork including a few Castellanis, a Mathieu, a canvas by Lucio Fontana, and a work with white wood beads and tennis and ping-pong balls by van Hoeydonck.

The morning room with more artwork.

All images from House & Garden, July 1966.


  1. The Lambert Landscape Company is still in business. A garden by Paul Fields is featured in my March 22, 2011, post. No doubt, the lushly planted garden/dining room shown today was intended to showcase the capabilities of the firm. The high ceilings of the penthouse are a huge asset, a feature often overlooked in mid-century highrise apartment buildings.

  2. It could have been published last month. And that little bit of pink is inspiring.

  3. I am loving the idea of hanging the painting on ceiling..hmmmm.xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  4. What a fabulous find. The photos are wonderful,what a glamerous apt. and it holds up rather well today.Thanks for the peek into yesteryear................