Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Soane Pop-Up Shop

Have you ever spent time perusing the Soane website? If you haven't, you don't know what you're missing. Their furniture, lighting, and accessories are absolutely exquisite. Good thing for those of us on this side of the pond that the London-based Soane just opened a pop-up shop in conjunction with 1st dibs. (That's a shot of it at top.) Located at the New York Design Center, the temporary shop will feature many of Soane's 500 designs. All of their wall lights plus some of their upholstered furniture, desks, bookcases, mirrors, and cocktail tables will be displayed, and all will be available for immediate purchase. It's also worth nothing that the entire Soane line is crafted in British workshops.

Soane has so many American fans that this is indeed exciting news. But you better be quick. The shop is only open through May 20. Time to start shopping!

Soane founder Lulu Lytle. Click here to see Lulu's feature on 1st dibs.

The Pineapple Light

The Bascule Desk

The Star Mirror

The Vendome Sofa

All images courtesy of Soane.


  1. Love the Vendome sofa!

  2. I Love Soane. I've been fortunate to use a few of their items in a projects. Just love everything - especially that rattan console - my dream is to use that in a project someday - but all things Soane - wonderful, AND they are so wonderful to work with, even across the pond and dealing with the exchange rate etc. Gracious, polite and just all around a real pleasure. Cant' say enough.