Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joe Ruggiero for Sunbrella

I finally met Joe Ruggiero week before last. I had hoped to meet him a few years ago, but alas it was not to be thanks to an Alfie ailment. I'm so glad that this time it worked out as Joe is such a charming, knowledgeable, and affable man.

Joe hosted an event to celebrate the Spring 2011 Collection of the
Joe Ruggiero Collection for Sunbrella. As much as I love the classic solid Sunbrella fabric (I used the gray awning fabric for my outdoor chairs), it's nice to see other options available. Joe's collection, inspired greatly by his travels, is made up of all kinds of fabulous woven fabrics including stripes, chevrons, and exotics. The beauty of his collection, though, is that while it's durable and easy to care for like all Sunbrella fabrics, the look and feel of it make it perfect for indoor use as well. I'm strongly considering using his Mohair-type fabric on my sofa. That way, my guests can spill red wine to their hearts' content, and all I'll have to say is, "No problem!"

PS- If anyone from HGTV just happens to read my blog, please consider bringing back Joe's show Homes Across America. Now that show made for smart TV viewing.

Germaine chair (available through Miles Talbott) covered in Deville Parfait.

Joe's Regent Chair (available through Miles Talbott) covered in Tie Dye Wren.

An indoor sofa covered in a variety of Joe's fabrics for Sunbrella.

Deville Cameo covers this chair.

I love that blue and white fabric on the rattan chair as well as the throw pillow. It's Asia II Mariner.

I took the shots above of my two favorite fabrics in Joe's collection. They are Asia II Mariner and Chevy II Marine, and both are perfect for warm weather decorating.

All images other than the bottom two courtesy of Joe Ruggiero.


  1. I only saw one of the "Homes Across America" shows, but it is a great concept that certainly should be revived. I volunteer to host if Joe is not available.

  2. That show was fabulous. HGTV was not just a DIY disaster station when that was on. Miss it terribly!