Thursday, May 03, 2012

Don't Forget

"Don't Forget" Albert Hadley's famous notepads read. This Saturday, May 5, at 11am EST, One Kings Lane will be hosting a very special sale of items from Mr. Hadley's estate. There will actually be four concurrent sales focused on
Mr. Hadley's sketches, items from his New York apartment, items from his Southport, Connecticut home, and then books from the Parish-Hadley library. While it might seem bittersweet, the sale is a nice opportunity for people outside of New York to have access to some of the Albert Hadley magic.

I also want to share the photo, above, of a clipped quotation that Mr. Hadley kept on his desk. The photo was taken by Christopher Spitzmiller. They're words of wisdom and ones that we should keep in mind when decorating.


  1. Despite having sworn off the ridiculousness that is O.K.L., I suppose I will have to open that electronic door one more time. Thanks for the notice.

  2. Excellent advice. I should try and heed it.