Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Let's Chic It Up for the 1950s

Hands down one of the best conferences that I've ever attended was last year's Chic It Up! conference at Winterthur. Absolutely fascinating and well worth the trip up North. In fact, it was at last year's event (it focused on 1940s design) that I heard Pauline Metcalf speak about Syrie Maugham. It was after listening to her lecture that I knew her book on Maugham was going to be a winner...and it was.

This year's event, scheduled for Friday, November 12, will look at 1950s design. Speakers include Thomas Jayne (whose new book
The Finest Rooms in America was just released), Donald Albrecht (he is an absolutely terrific speaker who will speak about Cecil Beaton and 1950s set design), and other decorative arts historians. And what could be better than to visit Winterthur as well?

If meetings didn't keep me in Atlanta, I would attend in a heartbeat. Poor me. Anyway, if you live in the area or plan to be close-by, I encourage you to make plans to attend. You will not be disappointed!

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  1. Sounds like a great conference... too bad I won't be able to go either.

  2. I remember this event from last year (and not just because of the great name.) It would be so terrific to hear Jayne speak - it is a great book.

  3. John J Tackett11:39 PM

    I can hardly wait to get Thomas Jayne's new book "The Finest Rooms in America"!

  4. I love all of the patterns of black and white gift wrap with ties. What an enticing basket of surprises!!