Monday, November 22, 2010

2010 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Christmas House

Last week, I was given an exclusive preview tour of the 2010 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Christmas House. One of the preeminent showhouses in the United States, this year's Christmas House is located in two residences that take up the entire 41st floor of The Mansion on Peachtree, a Rosewood Hotel & Residence. (Rosewood also owns The Carlyle in New York, so you could say they are sister properties.) Really, what could be better than touring two apartments that have been decorated by some of Atlanta's finest designers and that boast breathtaking views like this, which offer a 360-degree vantage of Atlanta. On clear days, you can see as far away as the far north Georgia mountains, not to mention Stone Mountain and Kennesaw Mountain.

This year's showhouse, a fundraiser for the Alliance Children's Theatre, has a few bonuses, too. Celebrated Los Angeles Designer Hutton Wilkinson left the fabulous confines of his home, Dawnridge, in Beverly Hills, to come to Atlanta to decorate a room that is one of the chicest studies I've seen in years. (The talented Stephen Boyd, an Atlantan, assisted him. I'll post more about that room in the next few days.) And, another star talent, John Oetgen, has designed an entire residence on the 42nd floor that will also be open for viewing during the run of the tour. So, visitors to this year's Christmas House actually get to see three different decorated homes.

One of the great things about the showhouse- and Atlanta, for that matter- is that design-wise, there is something for everybody. It's a stylish mix of traditional and contemporary, which is so appropriate for the high-rise setting. So what inspiration did I take away from the showhouse? Brown, citron, mineral encrusted tables, decorative painted walls, and Hermès boxes aplenty. You'll have to visit the showhouse to see what I mean- or, if you live outside of Atlanta, you can see photos in the February issue of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. But in the meantime, here are a few images to whet your appetite. Enjoy!

The Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Christmas House opens Friday, November 26 and runs until December 12. (The house is open only on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays). For more information on tickets, directions, and a list of participating designers, please visit

Room designed by Amy Morris

Room designed by Tish Mills. That mound of minerals is actually built into the table.

Detail shot in the dining room that was decorated by Beth Webb.

The chic bathroom by designer Barbara Howard.

The library as decorated by Phoebe Howard.

A pile of Hermès boxes in the room of Amy Morris.

Christmas House logo courtesy of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. Images cannot be shared, reprinted, nor reposted without the express permission of The Peak of Chic and Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. Copyright 2010 Jennifer Boles.


  1. It's gorgeous! I was very happy to read this post this morning, it is very exciting!

  2. Loks fabulous!! Can't wait to see more of it! Am especially loving the Amy Morris - honestly, I loved it even before I saw the Hermes boxes!!

  3. Tina, I hope that you get a chance to visit it. It's really beautiful!

  4. Quintessence- Amy's room is fabulous, and those Hermes boxes are the icing on the cake :)

  5. Jennifer how wonderful...I would love to see what Hutton Wilkinson created!

    Art by Karena

  6. So looking forward to seeing it in all of it's glory!!! I am sure it will be divine.

  7. The Amy Morris room is my favorite, with and without the boxes! Great vignette and the use of the mirror is perfect behind the gift pile....

  8. Thanks so much for this luscious teaser -- hope there's more to come, this space looks oh-so glam.

  9. I def plan to visit! I want to see all the amazing designs and architectural elements - and would not miss a bit of all the excitement! What a great way to start the holidays!

  10. Beautiful - I may have to plan a visit to my sister in Georgia to tour this lovely home. Do you think I'd get to pick and Hermes box...

  11. Love the centerpiece on Tish Mills' table and the soft strip one the walls in Beth Web's dining room. It is nice to learn about other showcases we may not get to visit.



  12. I'm headed there next weekend. AH&L Christmas House never disappoints. Thanks for the sneak peek!