Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's as Simple as Black and White

When I was researching my château de Montgeoffroy post the other day, I came across this photo above. Not a terribly remarkable room. Located at a converted barn outside of Paris, the decor seems evocative of the era, in this case the 1960s. But it wasn't the green walls, nor the green curtains, nor that blue velvet sofa that caught my eye. Oh no. It was this:

A basket full of black and white wrapped packages, most of which are quite unusual in shape. I spy some Fauchon boxes, a few gifts wrapped in faux bois paper, and some zebra print packages too. And the red and yellow ribbon is quite chic too. Now this is my kinda gift wrapping.

Wouldn't you be excited to receive a gift in this Fauchon basket? Mais oui.

You can give black and white too with a classic Rigaud candle in the Cythère fragrance. You wouldn't even have to wrap it.

Of course, it's perfectly normal to buy something for yourself while holiday shopping for long as it's not too extravagant. Why not a Rigaud travel candle in a black and white tin?

Zebra gift wrap, like this from The Container Store, would work, although I'd ditch that purple bow for red, green, coral, hot pink, or turquoise colored silk ribbon.

Worst case, you could deliver gifts in a Scalamandre bag. That's what Alfie plans to do this season.



  1. t first glance I thought that Scalamandre bag was a small cabinet, on an elaborate gilt stand. But wrapping items in black and white patterned paper has just coincided with an idea I had to hide wiring from the new flat screen TV. Reading your post is clearly a sign that I should get on with it!

  2. What catches my eye is the flooring. What do you suppose it is? Linoleum?

  3. I like the dog best, but the zebra paper is nice. Wouldn't it be great to print your own wrapping paper with your dog on it?

    Have a great Day.


  4. That's a well trained pup - can't believe he is sitting so still looking right at the camera. Four stars.

  5. Don't know that I would have bothered to zoom in on that detail but so glad you did. Would of course love to receive a Rigaud candle and totally agree with your about the purple ribbon. Alfie is so sweet!

  6. Yes, we love the zeb motif. Funny you bring it up since I spent about an hour yesterday looking for a needlepoint zebra rug that Dransfield and Ross used to make. I can't find one anywhere. Any ideas out there? Meanwhile, I might have to find some of that wrapping paper!

  7. Alfie is looking very handsome. Thanks for the heads up on The Container store boxes. Chic boxes and wrappings are to a gift what a frame is to a painting.

  8. Clearly my friend Alfie needs to have his own holiday cards engraved and sent out early.

  9. I'm feeling a black & white holiday coming on :)

    Tanya, not sure what the floor is. I assumed that it was a highly polished/waxed stone tile floor, but you very well could be right.

  10. Columnist, how I wish it was an elaborate cabinet on a gilt stand! Can't wait to read about your project.

  11. Dovecote- does Jonathan Adler make something similar??

    Blue- Wait til you see Alfie's Christmas present. You'll think I'm nuts!

  12. Kathleen Luckard12:23 PM

    There are few things more special than a Rigaud candle. When I moved west from Virginia to California, the special treasures I packed to go with me in the car were a Meissen vase from my son, a Steuben bowl set in silver and 2 Rigaud candles.

  13. I think Alfie knows that zebra print is nothing compared to his special coat. I always think Alfie's eyes are those of 100 year-old man. He has seen EVERYTHING and KNOWS ALL.

  14. There is something about a black and white zebra print that is timeless and the perfect touch. The marketing behind these is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    Jamie Herzlinger