Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mother Goose and Trim

Bullion fringe reminds me of that old nursery rhyme about the little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead. (Click here if you're not familiar with it.)

When it's good, it's very, very good.....

Tory Burch's library (Vogue, François Halard photographer)

Madeleine Castaing's home (French Interiors: The Art of Elegance, Christina Vervitsioti-Missoffe photographer)

Carolina Herrera's home (Fernando Bengoechea, photographer)

Miles Redd interior (Elle Decor, Simon Upton photographer)

Bedroom of Oscar and Annette de la Renta (Vogue, François Halard photographer)

...but when it is bad it is horrid!

(Bullion trim at top from Lewis and Sheron)


  1. I love the analogy!!! So true. Thanks for the laugh.eocull

  2. So very clever Jennifer, and I can't get enough of the de la Renta bedroom!

  3. The de la Renta bedroom sent sighs to you from Kansas. Sooooooo beautiful. And Peak, hats off to you for posting photo credits for each pic. Really love that part.

  4. Anonymous8:03 AM

    This post is crying out for a picture of the "horrid."

  5. Oh yes, I always like this kind of fringe ... it also makes fantastic, weighty tassels to use as curtain tiebacks or on door knobs to add a little touch of fringe!

  6. Nice pictures!I love the Caroline Herrera home and the Miles Redd interior!


  7. A line from one of my favorite childhood books! Love it! Love the bullion story too. It is amazing how it softens the lines of the piece and the room! Love your musings! Another example can be found at

  8. This made me left - perfect poem for this post! And wonderful examples.

  9. True, true, true....xv