Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Valentine Wishes

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and so is the stress of trying to figure out what to get one's significant other. I personally think that a beautiful and heartfelt card is one of the best gifts you can give. Here are some cards that hit a sophisticated yet romantic note!

Bernard Maisner "Love" Card

Bernard Maisner "I Love You" Card

Mrs. John L. Strong "Sugar or Spice" Card

Mrs. John L. Strong "I Only Have Eyes For You" Card

Kate's Paperie "Hey Hot Stuff" Card


  1. Hey, can you shoot me an email - I somehow lost yours (thought it was in my address book.) I'm ready to give you those photos!

    Great cards. I always thought it would be neat to have stationery from Mrs. Strong but haven't ordered it. I'm feeliing a return to the written word - are you?

  2. Pink- I'll send you an email shortly. I love stationery from Mrs. Strong, but haven't ordered any. You should go for it! I'd love to see what you order.

  3. Me, too! Can't afford it right now, but either Mrs. Strong or Smythson is on my wishlist... I did get some Smythson when I lived in the UK, but just cards. I have my family's coat of arms die, and I want to get something done with that.

  4. Fairfax, that would be amazing to be able to incorporate your family's coat of arms into your stationery. How special!