Friday, February 23, 2007

Design Your Wall

The new issue of Domino refers to a website called This online wallpaper site sells a wide variety of traditional and contemporary wallcoverings. It appears to be a great source for moderately priced wallpaper. I've found a few patterns that are reminiscent of those of some higher-end lines. Of course the proof is in the pudding, and I haven't seen any of their papers in person. You can, however, order samples which would be highly advisable if you're ready to take the plunge.

Yesterday's New York Times mentioned that flocked wallpaper is making a comeback. Personally, I'm not crazy about flocked wallpaper, but this site has many options, such as this black damask on silver background paper.

This purple Royal Damask Wallpaper is a digital design wallpaper designed by David Wien of Vermont. It comes in purple, green, red, and white colorways.

For a little bit of David Hicks style, this Honeycomb wallpaper just might do the trick.

This Blue Bird wallpaper is a little reminiscent of that great de Gournay wallcovering, don't you think?

Bamboo prints might be ubiquitous (although I adore them), but here's one that's silver mylar on a white background. A little disco chinoiserie?

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  1. I love the Blue Bird design and the last bamboo lattice design!

  2. Al interesting, but the honeycomb sure did almost do the trick. Of thwoing me into vertigo that is... hee hee.. I really do suffer from vertigo and the quick glance almost put me over the edge....hee hee hee. How did I miss your Jeremiah Goodman post??? Fabulous!!!!

  3. Love your site. I live in Nashville and would love it if you made a list of your favorite places to shop in:
    New York
    Also, did you ever find anything out about the fabulous Tillett fabric?

  4. Sarah Beth- That's a great idea for a post. I will post my favorite shops in Atlanta a little later this week, and New York sometime to follow. I've only been to LA once (7 years ago), so I'll have to remember where I went!

    And no, I can't find out anything about the Tillett fabric. This is a challenge! I'll report back if I get anymore info.

  5. thanks for the resource, don't know how i missed it in domino!

  6. maurice11:55 AM

    Your site is quite interesting there was an interesting article a few years back on the Tillets their son is machine printing some of their work they continue to hand print, ALBERT HADLEY uses their work.Antelope is one of my favorite as well.Bamboo,recently I purchased some yardage new old stoch celadon trellige bamboo over bone ground vinyl.

  7. Maurice- I would love to know more about the Tillet line, but unfortunately there is very little information available on the web. The patterns that I've seen are just wonderful!