Monday, February 26, 2007

Claus Porto Soaps

There are so many lines of soaps on the market today that the array is dizzying. How many soaps, however, are wrapped in such gorgeous packages that one hates to throw them away? That's the way I feel about Claus Porto soaps. One of the premier soap makers in the world, Claus Porto of Portugal has been making soaps since 1887. It is the soaps' wrappers, though, that I treasure (although the soaps do smell divine). The Art Deco-looking designs are originals from Claus Porto's archives. The soaps come in bar sizes, pastille sizes (perfect for one's powder room), and now in liquid soap pumps. The pumps would be a stylish addition to one's kitchen. They also make candles, but unfortunately the candle votives are not quite as decorative as the box it comes in!


  1. casapinka10:03 PM

    Yes, I love the look of these soaps. I hadn't seen the pump dispenser, though. Looks beautiful.

  2. Oh God, I love soaps and scents!! Candles and perfuny things.. But, I really love the lemony, lavendar and almost earth girl scents too..Like, I am not a girl who would like Poison fragrance or anything in that family...But all of this, I'd like a few of each!!!

  3. I love these! When I was in Hawaii earlier this year I bought a heap of them for gifts and they are so gorgeous I am finding them hard to give away!!

  4. Glad you like them. I'm thinking about getting the soap pump b/c the label is so darn pretty!

  5. Those are amazing! Have you ever seen the tiny, little hand-shaped soaps.. pretty creepy, but also fantastic.

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