Thursday, February 19, 2015

An Early Summer, Courtesy of Jim Thomspon and No. 9 Thompson

Last week, I attended a presentation of the Spring 2015 collections from Jim Thompson and No. 9 Thompson.  The temperature outdoors might have been hovering around the freezing mark, but it certainly didn't feel like winter inside the Jim Thompson showroom.  So vibrant and colorful are the new collections that I could have sworn warm weather had arrived.

Taking his inspiration from the textiles of Central Asia, Turkey, and Tangiers, No. 9 Thompson designer Richard Smith has created a collection that is the essence of summer.  Named "Anatolia", the new collection is abundant with juicy color, easy-going patterns, and breezy textures.  There is Karapinar, a multi-colored abstract print which is based on a 19th-century Caucasian carpet, and Zelig, whose pattern is reminiscent of North African ceramic tiles.  In addition to cottons and linens, there are a number of outdoor fabrics, including one, Fez, which is embroidered with a motif often found on flat-weave carpets.  And because a finished-look is welcome any time of year, two new border tapes have been introduced.  (See Casablanca, below.)

"Forbidden Colours" is the new Jim Thompson collection, and again, the story here is color.  Just look at the vibrant colors of Lamun, which is a beautiful handwoven silk.  Or what about Anais, a luxurious 6-ply silk ikat?  Jim Thompson is, of course, renowned for its silks, but cotton and linen have not been forgotten, with Cinnabar, Adler, and Balthazar striking casual-yet-sophisticated notes among those refined silks.   

I think that when you take a look at the new collections, you'll likely find yourself yearning for summer...and perhaps some new fabrics, too.

No. 9 Thompson Collection:




 Anatolia Stripe

Tan Tan






Jim Thompson Collection:











All photos courtesy of Jim Thompson


  1. I can feel the warm summer breezes by just looking at the photos. Also makes me excited for our upcoming trip to Morocco next month! What a beautiful and inspired collection. Thanks for sharing Jennifer!



  2. stunning + great photos

  3. So fabulous Jennifer, The first room and some of the outdoor entertaining areas done with these fresh yet exotic fabrics are stunning! A great and very diverse collection!

    The Arts by Karena
    The Centre Cannot Hold

  4. Absolutely stunning love the textures

  5. Absolutely stunning... love the textures.