Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Waterhouse Wallhangings and the Edward Zajac Collection

If only I had an abundance of rooms in which to hang wallpaper. That's how I felt when I saw the newest wallpaper collection from Waterhouse Wallhangings, which will be available in showrooms starting this month.  New designs include beefy stripes (Hyde Park Stripe), damask (Wheat Damask), Paris landmarks (Monuments of Paris), and Noah's animals (Noah's Ark), which is sure to delight both children and their parents. It's not often that I am tempted to decorate my home with such whimsical creatures, but I am completely charmed by these animals.  (By the way, Noah's Ark is based on a print found in one of Dorothy Waterhouse's old books.)

Waterhouse Wallhangings is also debuting the Edward Zajac Collection.  You have seen numerous posts about Zajac and his late partner, Richard Callahan, on this blog.  Zajac and Callahan were known for their enthusiastic use of pattern.  A Zajac and Callahan room typically had layer upon layer of pattern, but they were mixed in such a way so that the effect was sometimes daring, often ravishing, and never discordant. 

Zajac often designed custom fabrics and wallpapers for his clients, which was the impetus for this new collection.  The collection's prints include Regency Rope, Regency Rope Trellis, Regency Rope Panel, Charlotte Ruching, and Don't FretRegency Rope Panel, which measures 12 feet long and 27 inches wide, was inspired by a set of folding screens in Zajac's apartment.  All three Regency Rope prints were designed so that they can be used together to spectacular effect.  And you'll notice that Charlotte Ruching has a border that runs down one side of the paper.  This border can be cut and applied as a border at the ceiling or along all four sides of a wall.  The line's versatility is very much in the spirit of Zajac's custom work.

For more information, please visit the Waterhouse Wallhangings website.  Coordinating fabrics for the Edward Zajac Collection wallpaper will be introduced in September.

Monuments of Paris

Hyde Park Stripe

Noah's Ark


Wheat Damask


The Edward Zajac Collection:

Regency Rope

Regency Rope Trellis

Regency Rope Panel

Charlotte Ruching

Don't Fret

All images courtesy of Waterhouse Wallhangings


  1. Love this collection! Especially Charlotte Ruching

    1. So happy you like it! And I would love to see how you use it!

  2. love wallpaper + these are stunning

  3. the monuments of Paris is crazy that!

  4. Hi Jennifer!

    Love them all ! Don't fret would be great on a ceiling !


    1. It will be FABULOUS on a ceiling! Glad you like it! All the best, Edward

  5. These are all wonderful Jennifer from the whimsy of Noah's Ark to the chunky rope patterns!

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  6. Don't Fret would be perfect as a feature panel in a bed niche.

  7. Wallpaper books used to turn my brain into jelly. Then we watched a pro (our Gordon) go through them with purpose and a happy gleam in his eye. I still can't pick wallpaper but I really enjoy the books.

  8. Oh that Ginkgo is amazing. It's understated enough to work in a large scale and then has such detail up close!

  9. The monuments of Paris is simply exquisite!