Monday, February 23, 2015

Home Tour: Dottebob Andes

One of the many highlights of my book tour was visiting my sweet friend, Dottebob Andes, in her chic Philadelphia-area home.  Prior to my visit, I was aware that Dottebob and I had a lot in common, especially our shared love of "the classics".  (That would be classic décor, not classic literature- although perhaps we have similar taste in books, too.)  Like me, Dottebob, who is a well-regarded decorator, has an appreciation for bright colors (especially blue and coral), prints, Chinoiserie, and the sense of coziness that fabrics bring to a room.  But not until my book was published did I realize just how simpatico we are. 

Shortly after she read my book, Dottebob sent me photos of her home, explaining that she lives with most of the classic furnishings about which I wrote.  Sure enough, many- if not most- of my book's entries can be found in Dottebob's home.  There are examples of Chinoiserie, portières, leopard print, needlepoint, trompe l'oeil, singerie, exotic prints, garden stools, trellis, slipper chairs, skirted tables, and, well, I could go on and on.  Dottebob's home is like In with the Old come to life.  If I didn't know better, I would think that we had been separated at birth.

When I visited Dottebob, I was struck by how closely her home and her personality are intertwined.  Dottebob's home is a reflection of her warmth and generosity, her enthusiasm for socializing and spending time with friends and family, and her passion for decorating.  She is surrounded by things she loves and treasures that have meaning to her.  In my mind, all of these qualities represent the true meaning of decorating.

I'll leave you with the photos I took during my visit. Looking at them reminds me of what decorating is supposed to be about.

All photos are the copyright of Jennifer Boles/ The Peak of Chic


  1. Such a beautiful home with stunning details! I love the wonderful mix of fabrics and textures. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love this home! Especially love the playful mix of pattern and color! Bravo! @Dottebob Andes

  3. Elegant and studied but does not take itself too seriously. Comfortable and most welcoming. It's fun. Lucky guests!
    Thank you for this post.

  4. Anonymous10:22 AM

    charming home....who makes the wallpaper in the bedroom?

    Thank you-

  5. The details pull me right in to very room, with so many unique fins, furnishing accessories!
    Thanks so much for sharing this lovely home.

    The Arts by Karena

  6. love this house + especially the portieres + thanks + have a great week.

  7. Anonymous1:53 PM

    LOVE those plate/vase & bracket decals (?) on those two walls (well, one on a jib door). Where could I find those - or something similar? | Charlotte NC.

  8. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Wow. Really impressive example of what happens when someone with talent and means designs for their dream client, i.e. themselves. Too many portieres for my taste, but if that's what she wants, go for it!

  9. What a beautiful home! I love the orange and blue-colored pillows on the couch! Love all those books on the table too! So many wonderful details!

    The Office Stylist

  10. Jennifer Dengel7:51 PM

    I so enjoyed the view into the world of Dottebob Andes. The love she has for this home and everything in it, is very apparent and a joy to behold! It has beautiful energy and tremendous soul.

  11. The Pagoda of Goldfish made me smile! Would it be possible to see more of the green trellised room in the last shot?

  12. Love the way she displayed books on the center hall/round table!