Monday, September 30, 2013

Arbiters of Style: Anthony Hail and Charles Posey

Thanks to my friends Dennis and Mattie, I recently learned of an exciting upcoming auction at Christie's New York. Titled "Arbiters of Style", the October 8th auction features the collection of the late designer Anthony Hail and his partner, Charles Posey.

Hail, about whom I have written before, was an impeccable designer. His interiors, which were both elegant and immaculate, were often appointed with antiques of storied pedigrees. One of my favorite Hail-decorated houses was that of the designer himself. Located in San Francisco, the house was a rather restrained backdrop for the grand furnishings that he collected, many of which are featured in this auction.

I plan to order a catalogue of the sale as I think it will be an important addition to my design library. Even if you don't anticipate bidding on any of the lots, I think you'll still appreciate the catalogue's many photos of Hail and Posey's exquisite home.

Anthony Hail, seated to the left, with his partner, Charles Posey.

A Swedish gilt-metal and cranberry glass chandelier, late 18th c./ early 19th c.

A Louis XIV ormolu-mounted engraved brass and tortoiseshell traveling box

A North European white painted and parcel-gilt table, early 18th century.

Two Vuitton suitcases with Hail's last name and initials painted on them.  Now that's stylish.

All photos courtesy of Christie's.


  1. Jennifer,

    During my years in San Francisco I was given the incredible opportunity to visit his house in person once. When I walked into the entry I knew that I was experiencing a truly equisite home of such refinement and good taste. It was an experience that had a profound impact in my own work and I often find myself referring to the essence of their beautiful home as inspiration.

    Its a little sad because its truly the end of an era in San Francisco. Mr. Hail and Mr. Posey were the last of the old guard in San Francisco.

    Thanks for the post.


  2. Remarkable sense of style and of color combinations. There is an elegant grace about the design of space that is wonderful. Thank you!

  3. Wow! Love these rooms - just so beautiful and expertly designed.