Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Have to Have It!

I didn't think it possible to get excited over a waste paper basket, but indeed it is.  I am absolutely smitten with these charming bins that are decorated with dioramas, which appear to made of paper reproductions of famous paintings, engravings, and maps.  Depictions include The Hermitage, Brighton Pavilion, and the Fountain of Latona.  All are available through Hollyhock Inc.

Leave it to Suzanne Rheinstein to find waste bins that are objects of beauty!


  1. I received a letter holder version of these for Christmas last year - it holds a place of distinction on my desk. The detailed work is amazing in person!

  2. Q- Oooh, I bet that letter holder is lovely! Lucky you!!!

  3. Anonymous3:05 AM

    I have known and LOVED Suzanne for over 30 years! (sorry, Suzanne.......I could say you were in a stroller!!)

    and a year ago , or so.......I wandered in there.......smitten out of my mind with the papie-mache "follies" I could not leve without one. I was not physically capable. Now these "wastebaskets" Same person makes them!

    I cannot live another day without one......since I am back in Santa Barbara........I will have to phone it in!

    And order a few for my very famous client.........a Santa Monica!

    He needs three!!


    Suzanne is brilliant beyond!!!!

  4. Jennifer, I am so grateful for the resource You provide. Your research is often a portal for me to investigate how your chosen topic can apply in my work. I am greatly anticipating your book, I like everything about how You have styled it. The look inside feature on Amazon leaves me eager to see all your sister's watercolors too.

    With this background, You can know how much it delighted me to see the diorama cartonnage wastepaper baskets I make for Hollyhock pictured here and the professional endorsements of Stacey Bewkes and Penelope Bianchi. Thank you for the great encouragement. Sincerely, Beth Scanlon

    1. Beth, Thank you for your comment. You are so talented and I simply love your work! I can't wait to see future additions to your line.

      Best Wishes,