Monday, September 23, 2013

Antiques Charm

In addition to writing my book, I also styled many of its photos.  Not such an easy job, let me tell you.  When envisioning what a shot might look like on paper, I had to run through a mental check-list of considerations.  Was there enough color or contrast to give a shot depth?  Was there the right amount of visual interest so that a photo didn't die on the vine, so to speak?  And did anything look out of scale or, worse, wonky?  For the stylists out there who deal with such things on a daily basis, I express my admiration.

In one of the book's photos, my acrylic cocktail table appears with a cachepot of flowers, a red lacquered tray, and a tidy stack of magazines.  It was that stack of magazines that posed a bit of a problem.  I did not want to place a magazine on top that looked too busy or that had too much verbiage floating around on its cover.  On the other hand, the top magazine needed to have some kind of pizazz.  Otherwise, it would just look boring.

The solution?  My October 1933 issue of The Magazine Antiques.  Now tell me, how fabulous is that blue and white Staffordshire plate cover?  Not only did this magazine add an interesting note of pattern to my acrylic table, but it also spoke to my passion for vintage magazines.  In fact, go to the magazine's website and you'll find an archive which shows all of the magazine's covers throughout the decades.  Prepare to fall in love with many of the charming covers, especially those from the 1930s and 40s.  When you do, then head to eBay to find that particular issue. 

And, because I really shouldn't value a book or magazine on its cover alone, I will add that the vintage issues of The Magazine Antiques are really very interesting.  There are some terrific and informative articles, not to mention great old advertisements too.

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April 1932 issue, available here

July 1931 issue here

June 1934 available here

March 1932 issue here

March 1933, here

May 1933 issue

November 1931 here

September 1932, here


  1. I adore all the magazine covers. How clever are you! thanks

  2. Thank you for this link and congratulations on your new book about oldies. Who would have thought it could be done?! You were perhaps the first blog to show what a treasure trove could be found among vintage magazines, now you're branching out to books. My mother was an Antiques subscriber and it seems to me the covers were always nice even in more recent years, but the charm of yesteryear is strong for me. It's another way to be less ordinary!

    1. Dear Gesbi, What a great way to put it..."another way to be less ordinary". So true!

  3. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Love the magazine covers! And I just peeked through the Amazon preview - the book looks wonderful!

    1. Thank you Tokyojinja! Very kind of you!

  4. Anonymous3:39 PM

    I love your blog, your language is simple and enjoyable. this post is really delicious. not everything "old" is better, but has an aesthetic value that can not be imitated and many things still apply for it today. congratulations! Rosana, Tierra del Fuego / Argentina

  5. Antiques was on the top of the coffee table at home when I was growing up-you are so right the covers many of them-are perfect. I am looking forward to the book, pgt