Friday, May 10, 2013

Peter D'Ascoli Fabrics

Today's post is an introduction to the exquisite fabrics of Peter D'Ascoli. Peter is an American who lives in India with his family and dog, a Cavalier, no less. (That's Peter, above.) Fascinated by the history and culture of his adopted homeland, Peter was inspired to apply his American entrepreneurial spirit to the art of traditional Indian textiles, thus creating an eponymous fabric collection that celebrates Indian heritage. Although the collection is currently being sold to Indian designers and architects, Peter is developing a new collection of hand-printed linens, woven cottons, and embroidered fabrics that will be sold very soon at select U.S. showrooms.

Of his current collection, the "Parsi Gara" group of fabrics is especially steeped in Indian history. The Parsis are Indians of Persian descent, having fled religious persecution during the eighth to tenth century A.D. (By the way, both Zubin Mehta and the late Freddy Mercury claim Parsi lineage.) Eventually settling in India, the Parsis later flourished and prospered during the British Raj, with some Parsis emigrating to China for trade purposes. This mixture of Persian, Indian, European, and Chinese influences is evident in the "Parsi Gara" fabrics, which includes Marsh Multi, Parsi Gara, Canton Multi, and Mandarin (see below.)  The other part of the current collection includes beautiful silks like Gilded Age chintz, Tiger and Ming.

The entire collection is really quite beautiful, and the stories that these fabrics tell only add to their allure.  I for one am eagerly awaiting Peter's American debut, and as soon as it happens, I'll be sure to let you know.  In the meantime, you might want to visit Peter's site to learn more about these Indian-made textiles.  I think you'll be enchanted.

Parsi Gara

Marsh Multi

Canton Multi

Mandarin Black

Mandarin Green

Gilded Age chintz- Gilt

Gilded Age chintz- Amalfi Blue

Venezia- Crimson

Gilded Age chintz- Taupe

Ming- Citron

Tiger- Gilt


  1. Gorgeous. When will the collection be arriving? Representation?

  2. Mary, I believe it will be sometime this year, and the line will be represented by various independent, multi-line showrooms throughout the U.S. As soon as I have more details, I'll be sure to pass them along!

  3. Wow! I predict a huge success in the U.S. among the 'high-end' decorators. Truly fabulous.

    1. Classicist, I agree! If the line ends up being repped in Atlanta, you'll have to come down to see the fabrics in person...and visit with Blue and me!

  4. Exquisite! Thanks for the scoop Jennifer.

  5. These are gorgeous! Can't wait to see where they are rep'd in NYC!