Friday, March 06, 2009

Gadabout and Gallivant Papers

Although most of us spend a great deal of time emailing, blogging, and surfing the internet, we still seem to be a pretty traditional group of people. And I know that most of us own proper stationery and follow social etiquette (there are times when an email just won't do!).

One young woman who believes in the power of a handwritten note is Hanna Nation. Nation is a senior at Wofford College in South Carolina, and she recently decided to pursue her passion and create a line of stationery. (How impressive is that? When I was her age, I was worried about completing my honors thesis and planning a graduation party. A career seemed a blip way out on the horizon!) Hanna has actually created two lines:
Gadabout is geared towards those of us who like design, fashion, and decorative motifs, while Gallivant stationery is more for the outdoorsy person. Obviously, I'm more of a Gadabout customer!

Hanna prints her hand drawn designs on thick 5 X 7 card stock in either white or ivory, and each set of 25 personalized cards and envelopes sells for $35. Custom design is also an option. Some of Hanna's designs can be printed with your name, while others can be personalized with your monogram (and who doesn't love a monogram!). I'm including some of my favorite selections here, but please check out Hanna's website for other options as well as information on how to order. You see, just because we may spend more time on the internet than we should, it doesn't mean we should forget our manners!

Thissur Pooram, initials placed inside print

Life Starts All Over Again When It Gets Crisp in the Fall, full name printed alongside

Fina, initials in the third lamp

Chuxi, full name printed alongside

Mahendi, intials inside the print

Initials placed inside print

Image at top: A Horse of a Different Color, initials inside the print


  1. These are just lovely, I love Hannah's cards. xv

  2. Oh, that chair! That may be a hard one to pass up.

  3. All are wonderful. Especially love the animals!

  4. This is a stunning post. These correspondence cards knock Smythsons of London into a cocked hat.
    I'll go for the elephant.

    I agree. Who can resist a monogram? I spent my last week of freedom before my first child was born
    embroidering my initials on a white towelling robe!

    Off to Hanna's website NOW.

  5. Holy pulp! These are amazing, and she has custom work. I love them. Are they embossed that would just be a kicker for me. Crazy about stationary

  6. Love the papers! I am a bit of a paperholic myself!
    lamaisonfou blog

  7. Oh the ELEPHANT! I am in love!

  8. I love these, especially the one with the girl. What an amazing artist.

  9. hi, just discovered your blog and stopped by.
    Love it much...
    come to visit me
    love iole

  10. I love pretty paper and will go to her website. I enjoy having a nice collection to write a note of encouragement or simply a thank you.

  11. Anonymous8:19 PM

    What a find! As a fellow South Carolinian I definitely plan to order some of her designs as very reasonable graduation presents! Besides a wedding or a birth, there's hardly a time when you are more in need of pretty stationary!

  12. Thank you for making me know this fabulous papers line. J'adore. I may order a set. It is very chic

  13. i am in love with the zebra !