Friday, March 13, 2009

Bedded Bliss

Just wanted to alert all designers and retailers who will be in Atlanta this weekend to an event that should be really informative, interesting, and fun. Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles will be sponsoring "Bedded Bliss", a fantastic forum that will cover beautiful bedding (at all price points!), beautiful bedrooms, and beautiful accessories. You know, everything that will allow you to create your own bedded bliss at home (you're on your own to find someone to share this bliss with!).

The discussion will be led by editors at the magazine, and style and design authorities who will be participating include designer Suzanne Kasler, style maven Marcia Sherrill, and Southeastern Designer of the Year Suze Surdyk Jones. Talk about an all-star line up!

The event takes place at Atlanta's Americas Mart tomorrow, Saturday, March 14 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 pm (Building 1, Floor 1, Room 101A). For more information, please visit Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles' website.


  1. What a line up!!!! I wish I could hear Kasler - what a major talent.

  2. here, here - Suzanne Kasler is wildly brilliant. I hope whoever is able to go can post notes from the event.

  3. I am going to do my best to be there!

  4. Brilliant, Jennifer-
    Not exactly a comment for this post, but very well done on the "Get Cozy with Mr. Hadley" story in House Beautiful!!! WOW, Albert Hadley! You must have been extremely thrilled! Personally, I'm in love with his response to your remark of all of the lamps in the apartment, Albert Hadley "You know the old adage - light coming from overhead in theater is tragedy. All of those down shadows." - LOVE IT!

    Keep up the amazing work and no doubt that your name will become as synonymous to interior design as Anna Wintour's name is to fashion.