Monday, March 23, 2009

And Speaking of Albert Hadley

Birch Cooper, a dealer in rare art and design books and proprietor of Birch Books in New York, has acquired part of the library of everyone's idol Albert Hadley. The collection of 200 books was amassed over the course of 40 years by Hadley. As Birch recently told me, "It is rare to come across a collection with such an exciting and unique provenance. Going through the books, it quickly becomes clear that they were important tools and sources of inspiration for the design team. Many pages have been marked for reference, and in some cases, renderings of a chair or an iron gate, for example, have been drawn and slipped between the pages." In addition, many of the books bear the Parish-Hadley library seal!

To get a sneak "peak" of the collection, visit Birch Books' website and search on "Peak of Chic". To obtain additional information on titles in the collection as well as sales inquiries, contact Birch at (212) 787-2844 or via his website.

One of the well-used books in the collection, and a rendering found in a book.

Many of the books bear a Parish-Hadley library seal.


  1. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Mr. Cooper's entire collection looks incredible!

  2. Anonymous11:11 AM

    How exciting! I would love to see more pictures and titles.

  3. Anonymous11:36 AM

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  4. Anonymous11:51 AM

    What a treat! Thanks for pointing out this rare find!

  5. you have inspired me to go buy an "m21" library seal with this post! what fun for my imprint to be on the books i've collected long after i'm done with them!

    loved the quilt feature as well- i hadn't realized that historical quilts could look so modern. maybe i'll be rethinking them too...

  6. Thank you for alerting us to this find. Also if I may add, he is easy on the eyes.

  7. Fan-flippin'-tastic! Mr. Cooper is a very lucky gentleman!

  8. What an incredible find. Your site is fabulous and I'm so glad to have found it via friends in France, even though I'm a neighbor in Tennessee.
    Happy twirls,

  9. So great to see this! And of course....Mr. Hadley is one of my heroes. What a thrill to own one of his books!

  10. Thank you for this source...I sat 3 seats from Albert Hadley at this months Antique & Garden show here in Nashville...Barry Dixon was giving a lecture! Love your site...Sepia