Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Georgian Style and Design

For those of you who are fans of Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, I think you'll enjoy her latest offering Georgian Style and Design for Contemporary Living. The book focuses on contemporary interpretations of the Georgian style with interiors that focus on comfort and functionality first and foremost. But what really struck me the most about the book were the lush wallpapers used in many of these homes. Gorgeous scenic and hand-painted wallpapers abound, and you know I've met very few of these wallpapers that I didn't like.

How incredibly fabulous is this hand-painted paper that features an Indian colonial scene? It's perfection to me. Who do you think makes this? de Gournay? Zuber?

I have no idea who makes this architectural toile, but I just adore it. Featured in a 'gents' cloakroom, the paper sets the right masculine tone.

At first glance, I assumed this wallpaper might have been Gracie, but I'm really thinking it might be de Gournay. The book does not mention who the maker is, only saying that it's a hand-painted silk wallpaper that is produced (or perhaps I should say crafted) in China. The wallpaper is custom designed and fitted for the specific setting.

In this Scottish country house, the chinoiserie room features a hand-painted de Gournay wallcovering. I like how the colors are rather muted.

Another hand-painted wallcovering that was painted on silk panels and installed in this bedroom (again, I believe this is a de Gournay). I think that if my bedroom was papered in these panels, I might finally stop waking up on the wrong side of the bed-something that has been known to happen from time to time!

Although it has nothing to do with wallpaper, I also wanted to include a few images from one of the featured interiors that was designed by my friend Patricia McLean, an Atlanta designer. I love the various shades of blue that she chose.

(All images from Georgian Style and Design, Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Rizzoli publisher)


  1. Georgian style and an Indian colonial scene. As Mrs. Blandings would say, heaven!

    I could've sworn the other day I saw a Zuber paper with an elephant just like that.

  2. Courtney- I feel as though it's a Zuber as well. Although, it seems that HSC is a big fan of de Gournay.

  3. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Do you think that maybe it could just be a mural and not wallpaper at all?

  4. Wendy, I just checked the text again and it says that it's a hand-painted wallpaper. But it does look like a mural.

  5. Jennifer - heaven, indeed. Thanks for a sneak Peak peek!

  6. Jennifer, wonderful, wonderful post today! I love it ALL!!

  7. Mimilee- I love it all and want it all!!!

  8. Anonymous10:32 AM


    The paper with the elephant is DeGournay. Check out:


    It's not the first image.


  9. The print-room toile paper (shown in the gents' cloakroom) is distributed by Marvic Textiles Ltd.
    and called Les Vues de Paris WP 0623-3 indigo.
    (And it is, as the expression goes, to die for.)

  10. Tim and Toby- I'm so glad that I have such knowledgeable readers! Thank you so much for giving me this info. The not knowing part was really driving me crazy, and I mean that!

  11. Anonymous12:40 PM

    The rooms you've shown all look very handsome, but the book has a few middle-class-looking clunkers, too. Of course, Lady S-C has to earn a living just like the rest of us, and if there's no room for an ordinary studio piano anyplace else except that pretty green dining room, or if some of her over-reaching clients insist on a cartoonishly high-ceilinged saloon or a Ralph-Lauren-on-the-cheap games room in their gargantuan new manses, well, it only makes sense to make them happy, but if it were my book, I think I'd have probably told the editor to just leave a few of the shots on the editing table. Overall, though, it's a good book, if a bit light on text.

    I will say this about the author: she's very gracious & down-to-earth in person. She gave a talk at a lunch here in Chicago & added a lot more commentary on the photos than would have fit--or been appropriate--in the actual book.

  12. TO DIE FOR and HEAVEN all come to mind INDEED!
    I have been wanting to do that Marvic (Gentleman's powder room) wallpaper in my powder room for years. Until I can afford it I have 3 samples (in different colorways) pinned to the wall. But after seeing it...I might need to turn that dream into a reality!

  13. Gorgeous rooms -- and the wallpaper choices are so wonderful! Works of art in themselves .....

    Must ask Santa for this book ..... been a VERY good girl this year .....

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  14. I am a huge fan of Henrietta Spencer-Churchill. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful post and I'll surely get the book.

    Nora from Germany

  15. Long live the paste pot!!!
    xo xo xo

  16. Gorgeous rooms!

    FYI, in 2001, the Cooper Hewitt had an amazing exhibit called "Rooms with a View: Landscapes and Wallpaper." If you can find the catalog from the show, you'd probably adore it.

  17. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Jennifer, thanks for the clarification from the text.

    That de Gournay is certainly very similar in theme, but if you really look at the two images, they're clearly very different in virtually all details, so the mystery persists, methinks.

    They're both still stunning, though.


  18. Oh, I absolutely love the DeGourney Green Asian paper,it is gorgeous! Thank you Jennifer.

  19. How extrordinary! I was just leafing through a copy of this book yesterday, and I have to agree with magnaverde's comments, there are some images I would have left out! Like you, I'm very keen on Chinoiserie wallpaper, and the Indian print is hugely effective, but for example, the chimneypiece in the last image you've shown is completely "wrong" if it's aiming to be Georgian, and there are so many good reproductions around.

  20. The wall-papers are incredible and the mint/fade teal on the walls is exquisite.

  21. That Toby! He knows everything! haha!!!!! my favorite person in the whole world - well, one of them.

    I adore her books - they would make an excellent series to gift someone!!!

  22. The rooms by your friend Patricia are just beautiful! and I love the blue color on the wall too!

  23. jennifer: i can't stop looking at that wallpaper (gracie | de gournay) in the dining room! it's magnificent! -p.p.

  24. Going to have to add this one to my ever growing wish list on Amazon.
    Beautiful papers, beautiful rooms...

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  26. Anonymous11:34 AM

    The architectural toile, 'Les Vues de Paris', is by Marvic Textiles!