Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ballroom Bling

One of my all time favorite chairs is the ballroom chair. They have such grace and style, and most importantly, they can be moved around quite easily. These little gems are the perfect size and shape for all rooms- in the hall, against a wall in a living room, or in a dressing room especially. I am lucky enough to have a generous friend who gave me the classic, bamboo-style wooden ballroom chair with green and gold paint; it's perfect for my dressing table. The beauty of a wooden ballroom chair is that you can paint it to match your room. That said, if you really want to turn up the glamour, you might want to consider a vintage brass one- these are really quite elegant. And are you wondering why so many of these chairs are called "Chiavari" chairs? Well, I did too, and from what I have been able to determine, this style chair first originated in a town in Italy called Chiavari, where they are still manufactured today. (If anyone knows any additional information about this, please let us know!)

Vintage brass Chiavari chair at Coleen & Company

Pair of wooden Chiavari chairs at Chez Camille

Wooden ballroom chair from Source Perrier

More brass ballroom chairs at Thomas Brillet

Photo at top: Ballroom chair in the home of designer Krista Ewart


  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    I always think "elegant" when I see those chairs

  2. Jennifer,

    Your chair sounds so beautiful! This is a great post. I think you have probably inspired many people to go out and find at least one for themselves!

    Thanks again for your comment on my "chair in progress."

  3. Great finds! I adored that chair when I saw it in ''domino'', but didn't know its history. You are always so well-researched!

  4. Thanks Courtney and Laura!

  5. I love the bamboo ones. they look so delicate. and i am a huge fan of source perrier.

  6. Fairfax- I'm a big fan of SP too. I thought of you when I was on the site yesterday!

  7. I am searching for two of these right now. I love how dainty they are. :)

  8. They are beautiful chairs. I have admired them but did not know they were called ballroom chairs. Thank you for the chair lesson.

    Love SP, and have my eye on the large blue & white toile needlepoint pillows.

  9. ladyjicky7:06 PM

    So they have a proper name! I did not know either.
    When I see them I think of the photos one sees of Chic weddings with lots of moolha (spelling?LOL)spent on the celebrations . Jackie , Nan K types with their tiny bottoms!
    Oh, I feel like a glass of champers.

  10. I've got one that was stripped of all paint and sort of "limed" and has a cane seat. I love these chairs!

  11. These chairs are so pretty!! I think one would look fantastic at a dressing table. I love that top image too from Domino this month - the bedhead in that bedroom was amazing!!

  12. I am dying to do something similar to the first photo in this post. Absolutely love the shape of the desk/vanity and the upholstered headboard even though you can barely see it.

    Love your blog!