Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The Southeastern Designer Showhouse and Gardens

You haven't heard from me in a while because life has been taking me away from blogging.  By life, I mean work, illness, and a flooded kitchen.  As they say, when it rains, it pours.  (Or, in the case of my kitchen, floods.)

Until I get back to regular blogging (which, I hope, will be later this week), I do want to encourage readers to attend the inaugural Southeastern Designer Showhouse & Gardens, which is sponsored by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.  Located in Buckhead, the showhouse features rooms by some of the South's most talented designers.  I was able to attend the preview party week before last, and I can truthfully say that the house is one of the most cohesive-looking showhouses I've seen.  You can see a few of the rooms below, but there are so many more great rooms whose photos, unfortunately, didn't turn out so well thanks to my crummy iPhone camera.

The showhouse runs through May 15.  For more information, please visit the website.

 The chic great room was designed by Atlanta designer Barbara Westbrook.

 Dining room by Suzanne Kasler, who was honorary chair of the showhouse.

 Alison Womack Jowers and Cheryl Womack of Womack Jowers Interiors decorated the glamorous dressing room.

The study by Robert Brown Interior Design


  1. Ugh -- sorry to hear about your flooded kitchen! Thanks for posting the showhouse pictures, though. I agree -- many showhome projects are a hodge-podge of different designer aesthetics, but this one appears seamless. I especially love Kasler's dining room chandelier selection with that bold, geometric ceiling. The ceiling appears reflective in your photo -- were there glass insets, lacquer paint, or some kind of glossy paper installed on that ceiling?

    I hope your kitchen is squared away soon.

    1. Rebecca, The ceiling is lacquered. It's so shiny and beautiful. By the way, the chandelier is from Ainsworth-Noah at ADAC.

      Have a nice day!

  2. Hope you are feeling better and as always, looking forward to your next posts.

  3. Jennifer, hope you're feeling better, thanks for posting these photos, the show house looks wonderful, so elegant.
    All Best, Mary Jane

  4. That black and white great room is moi!!! Good to hear from you.

  5. Egads! A most hideous trifecta. Hope you and your kitchen get to feeling better! I am smitten by the florals on steroids. Turning all of the books with their backs to the walls is such a metaphor for this time: great look and texture at the expensive of knowledge. Big sighs. Cranky reader here.

  6. I hope both you and your kitchen have a speedy recovery.
    Thank you for thinking of your blogging community.

  7. In my 40 years as an interior designer/decorator I have visited my share of show houses. All the biggies Kips Bay, Washington DC, San Francisco. And I have participated in well over 20 show houses. This new Southeastern Designer Showhouse and Gardens just won the prize as the very best house ever. As a professional in the design business I look at other decorators work with a critical eye. Every room in this house had vision, a point of view and some original design work. Congratulations to the many talented designers/decorators who participated. Allan Reyes Interiors/Palm Beach

    1. Allan, What a nice compliment! That is high-praise indeed.

      Best Wishes,