Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Classics: The Brumby Rocker

Ask most Southerners to name their favorite chair, and they'll likely respond, "A Brumby Rocker, of course." As Southern as sweet tea and monograms, the Brumby Rocker is hands-down the rocker of choice in the South and beyond. And it has been that way for ages, too, because the chair's maker, The Brumby Chair Company, has been making these gracious chairs since 1878, three years after the company was founded. Located in Marietta, Georgia, the company is still being led by the Brumby family, with sisters Anna Brumby and Spain Brumby Gregory at the helm.

What makes these rocking chairs so special is that, first and foremost, they are extremely comfortable. I should know, because I grew up with white Brumby Rockers on my front porch. Believe me, few things in life are as relaxing as rocking back and forth in a Brumby Rocker. The chairs are extremely sturdy, too, thanks to their oak frames and their cane backs and seats, which are tightly woven in a herringbone-pattern. And finally, they are so durable that they seem to last forever. But should your Brumby Rockers need it, the company offers a restoration service, which does wonders on, say, eighty or ninety-year-old Brumby Rockers, ensuring their use for the next hundred years.

There are a number of styles of rockers, including a Baby Rocker for children and a Courting Rocker that is wide enough for a couple or a few small children, but the classic style for which the company is so well-known is the Jumbo Rocker. Although the rockers come in a variety of stains and enamels, I am partial to both the white and the black painted finishes. Both colors give the rockers a polished look that is suited to traditional settings and modern-minded houses alike. And I would be remiss not to mention that the Rockers are well-suited to The White House, too, where President Jimmy Carter assembled a number of Brumby Rockers, which, I assume, reminded him of his home state.

Honestly, I can't think of a better chair in which to set a spell, especially at this time of year and, preferably, with family or friends.  For more information, or to buy your own Brumby Rocker (lucky you), please visit The Brumby Chair Company website.


  1. Two of life's sweeter pleasures, swaying in a hammock and rocking in a rocking chair. I have a hammock but haven't had a rocking chair since childhood. I need to correct that.

    1. Paintbrush, I love relaxing in a hammock, too. The Brumby rockers are the most comfortable rockers you will find. So relaxing to rock in one.