Friday, May 27, 2016

A Bucolic Virginia Residence

If you read the May issue of British House & Garden, you'll likely remember the article about Anne Massie's historic Virginia house, whose master bedroom, with its striking pink-and-white print curtains, was featured on the cover. The house was memorable to me, and not just because of its Virginia setting. What pleased me most is how personal-looking the home's interiors are. It seems strange to write that, because houses are supposed to reflect their owners' interests and personalities. But how often do we see interiors that offer not a clue as to who lives there?

Anne purchased the late-eighteenth-century house decades ago with her brother, Will, who is also her business partner; the two siblings are founders and owners of McKinnon and Harris, the outdoor furniture maker. After a restoration of the house, Will bought out his sister's share of the house and lived there with his family. But in 2004, the house was purchased back by Anne, who now resides in the house with her husband.

I thought you might enjoy seeing additional shots of the home's interiors, which seem to capture Anne's creativity (she is a painter, too,) and reflect her collector's eye.  I'm also including photos of the grounds, which look like the ideal spot to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend.  How nice it must be to relax by the pool or on the terrace, especially if lounging in that enviable McKinnon and Harris furniture.   

All photos courtesy of Anne Massie


  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Jennifer, you are so right! Personal....creative it! Thank you for so many wonderful blogs!


  2. How lovely to see a house in the US decorated in a warm and personal style with no pretense! The English have always done this so well, but we usually don't quite get it right. This house does. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. I'm in love with that library!

  4. I love the living room! The art on the wall and the white plates really freshen it up while keeping it in line with the traditional look at the same time.

  5. Do you know the library chair and sofa pillow fabric? The tulip print, I'm in love too, GlenH!

    1. I'm afraid that I don't know the fabric, but I agree with you that it is lovely.